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Irina 11-15-12 03:57 PM

Cheap portable sound system for seminars?
Hi, I plan on doing group hypnosis/guided imagery workshops and I'm looking for unexpensive, portable, preferably cordless sound system. Black Friday is coming - I need to know what to look for as I never researched these things...

Mike Weakley 11-24-12 11:06 PM

I've only owned one PA system, so I'm no expert. But I absolutely love my Samson Expedition XP40 wireless portable system. Check it out here...

Mike Weakley

Irina 11-25-12 01:10 AM

Thank you, and it's on sale for like 50% off - 300 $ for the whole thing - amp, mike and a stand! May be I should get it... I'll see what locals music shop have first. I was thinking more in terms of a small mike on a clip and some vireless thingie which can sit on a shel.... but that's probably a lot of moola....I just really never dealt with audio equipment, sorry for not being specofic as no nothing about any of that.

Is there by any chance a tiny amp you can wear on a yourself - like on a belt etc? I just need a little bit of aplification...

Irina 11-26-12 08:23 PM

I ended up getting this :
From what I understood of reading reviews it is the best public speaking system for this price...and it comes both with wireless microphone and one for lapel.

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