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amazingarthur 11-26-12 12:23 AM

Refining the promo reel....
Looking for any tips, advice, etc. This video is aimed for the corporate world. Be nice please.

davidkaye 11-26-12 12:48 PM

Hi Amazing Arthur,

I usually cringe when I look at someone's reel, but I think you've put together a GREAT reel! I lost a couple references, but that's okay. It's clear that the audience got everything. I wouldn't touch a thing except to add titles showing what you do (Comedy - Juggling - Magic) and where you do it (Fairs - Festivals - Corporate Events).

I notice you already have the URL, so that's good. But I'd change the presentation on the web page -- I think it's WAY too busy and also the print is way too small and I've always hated gray type because it's least readable of all.

I go with the Google/Yahoo way of presentation: Make the content clear and bold, not artsy, because the idea is to get action, not win design awards.

amazingarthur 11-26-12 06:46 PM


Thanks for your review. I think it turned out fairly well. This video is aimed at the corporate market and specifically for agent use (I hope). You are correct, the website you landed on is a bit dated, still I like it. I refer most of my clients to Not the greatest, but html5, and easy to navigate without any frills.

davidkaye 11-28-12 02:48 AM

Yes, is much much much better! The printing is clear and easy to read, the content is concise, and the navigation is simple.

theamazingarthur 11-28-12 11:44 AM

Dave, Thanks for taking a look at it and giving your comments. I'm hoping that these tools lead to more of the type of bookings that I want.

I am a little dissapointed that I haven't had more feedback from other entertainers on the forums here.

davidkaye 11-28-12 12:19 PM

I'm not sure why you're not pointing AmazingArthur to the ProfessionalShowoff content. I find that once you get a moniker it's important to go with it consistently. In one of my other worlds I am a freelance computer tech (virus, speeding up old computers, simple web pages, security cameras). I was originally "Affordable PC Housecalls", but one of my customers kept referring to me as "Honest Dave" and unbeknownst to me put up a Yelp page under Honest Dave. I didn't even know I was on Yelp until I got a phone call. I then began advertising in the phone book and elsewhere as Honest Dave and things began to take off. I noticed that I got almost double the new customers under Honest Dave than under Affordable. So, if you've got a moniker I'd suggest sticking with it.

As for participation, I think we need to spread the word here and there (such as on various places on Craigslist, etc) that this forum exists. Over the years participation has gone down, and we don't want to see that happen, do we?

theamazingarthur 11-28-12 02:02 PM

I totally agree with you on branding. I've been The Amazing Arthur for a long time now, problem is, I do a lot of family shows and I've lost corporate clients because they've heard I do family shows and I was viewed as a "kids show" act. I have tried to distance myself from that image in the corporate arena-hence the Professional Showoff persona.

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