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James Johnson 12-06-12 02:11 PM

Great PROPS: 75% off must be gone by Christmas!
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Spent close to $8000.00 for all these props that I hardly used. Make any offer and get them out of my basement before my wife takes them to the side of the road. I need the space in my basement asap. I would love to see them passed on to someone who can put them to good use. Located in BC Canada.

Wack of magic tricks. List is long..
various cases
bed of nails
water torture tank
55 gallon drum escape

contact James at
cell 250-309-3065

Juggling365 12-07-12 02:54 PM

is there anyway you could list the things in the picture???

James Johnson 12-07-12 02:56 PM

various trick..
Canned cardx12
Chinese sticks with video
Water to cola
Ultimate invisible deck
Expandable straw
Flip tip
Delight thumb tip
Flaming wallet
Magicians wax
Foam Oreo cookie and two bananas
Expandable lung breathing training device.
Wire grams x2
Sponge balls x4
Misc silks
Silicone ketchup bottle with stickers
The raven
Rocky the raccoon with missing tail
Straight jacket
Chain for straight jacket
Thumb tips
Pro Gimmick lock made by a locksmith.
Torn and restore newspaper DVD
Appearing bowling ball from brief case
Two white jackets with black vest
Confetti cannon
Misc card decks

Juggling365 12-07-12 03:00 PM

how much do you want for each of these items??

Flaming Wallet

Silicone Ketchup bottle and Labels

Straight Jacket and chain (what size is the jacket?)

Appearing bowling ball

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