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Evan Young 03-07-13 10:16 PM

How to do a coin roll
I'm really good at coin rolls, I can go as fast as 52 times around my hand per minute. I few years ago I was fast enough to beat the world record, but some german guy got too fast for me to beat. Scot Nery and I made a coin roll video tutorial for the internet. It's kind of cool.

Marcus Wilson 03-08-13 10:35 AM

Your technicality series is really funny. Nice job guys.

Gregory Rush 03-08-13 03:37 PM

coin rolls
I like it too,several entertaining and educational ones :)
funny stuff

Evan Young 03-10-13 12:35 AM

thanks guys!
We've actually had a pretty good week with the videos. The coin roll video is on the front page of the youtube's mobile app's "trending" page. It's been getting about a thousand views an hour and lots of new subscribers. We even have some people calling us high and retarded in the comments, so that feels like quite a success! I won't be taking a victory lap until we get called gay.

Marcus Wilson 03-10-13 11:06 AM

Evan you guys are Gay.

Evan Young 03-12-13 12:28 PM

thank you :)

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