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Gregory Rush 05-01-13 02:29 PM

Assaulted by Kirk Kiefreider
People have been asking for more details.
Kirk assaulted me in a un provoked fit if rage that interrupted
him while he was talking. he assaulted me from behind, while
I was sitting down not even expecting it he told me after why.
He hit me two times, giving me a concussion then when I
was on the floor trying to crawl away and not even able to
gather a single thought he kicked me as hard as he could in my side,
while I was down, not looking, and trying to crawl away.
This is not a human being any longer, meth has made him something else.
I am still looking for any address for Kirk Kiefreider as well
and any places he rents or frequents so justice
can be swift, the next post has more information, Thnx
What you are looking at is two broken ribs and one fracture.
10 Fractured off the rib cage cartilage destroyed still not
repaired onto rib cage after 7 months, probablt never will.
Dr says if after a year , it wont, he also says I cannot work, at all.
Rib 11 broken, and pushed into the spine and 5 discs affected, one major herniated disc.
Rib 12 Broke completely in half, missed a section at the break, both 11 and 12
have healed inwards.
Hip not in photo, also kicked into my lumbar , discs affected for life.
This is information I added after the 5 CT and MRI scans.

Gregory Rush 05-02-13 01:05 PM

Let me tell you about Kirk Kiefreider short and sweet. Kirk is not a performer. He has not been a performer for well over 25 years. He is a career Felon it is no secret . He is a drug addict his choice is meth, Part of Kirk calls me sometimes and tries to reach out and apologize but he is being consumed.
If Kirk thinks this is oK I really feel sorry for the next person.
But hey BOTTOM LINE I do not care what anyone thinks, the facts are the facts and this tree proves it.
Its a 5 story Oak. Get it? Its also one of 5 I have in my yard. 5 Stories all the same, mine, kirk, birdie, tom ( kirk stepdad ) Jackie ( kirks mom )
anyone not liking the idea that you pay for what you do to people , must be talking to the tree.

Peter 05-02-13 03:33 PM

Man, this guy is a fucken head case. I'll be at the Aquatennial in July, like I am every year. Do both of us a favour and stay the fuck away from me, that way you don't get hurt again. You have already stated that you will be armed so when I get there the first thing I will do is show these posts to the police with your name.

Gregory Rush 05-02-13 03:58 PM

I love this website!

Gregory Rush 05-02-13 04:02 PM

Gregory Rush 05-02-13 04:20 PM

In Case you missed it, Kirk has already admitted to being 100% responsible. Birdie saved my life. So somewhere you got your apples and oranges mixed up, and really bad too. I am sorry for things I postes about Birdie not talking to him for 3 months until today June 1, 2013
Still looking for Kirk and I will never ask for this Kirk thread to be removed even after Kirk is prosecuted.
Things like this need to be passed around so people do not get hurt mentally or physically from this guy Kirk

Gregory Rush 05-02-13 04:46 PM

as of today the law has completely taken the matters into their hands and out of mine, finally. So I will have to direct you to my lawyer from now on. Just call if you want her number.

talk to the tree

Chance 05-04-13 02:23 AM

I just gotta say that who ever hit you was a pussy. Didn't even break the skin. The way you tell it, I thought you'd be missing at least 4 fingers and had a knee replaced. I know 10-year-olds that get beat up worse than this on the soccer field, and they get it 4 times a week.

Gregory Rush 05-04-13 09:55 AM


Originally Posted by Chance (Post 60892)
I just gotta say that who ever hit you was a pussy. Didn't even break the skin. The way you tell it, I thought you'd be missing at least 4 fingers and had a knee replaced. I know 10-year-olds that get beat up worse than this on the soccer field, and they get it 4 times a week.

Didn't break the skin? YOu are looking at a fucking X ray, getting SKIN BROKEN is not even a injury.
100% RIght Kirk Kiefreider is a mother fucking pussy,and also an ass licking moron meth head, but you were close.

Gregory Rush 05-04-13 10:30 AM

Funny thing about bullshitters
Thnx Chance and sorry I edited out my rude reply to your post.
I never actually cried but I guess it can appear that way.
Just alerting the community and trying to bring Justice
forward. That is why she wears the blindfold.

Gregory Rush 05-04-13 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by Chance (Post 60892)
I just gotta say that who ever hit you was a pussy. Didn't even break the skin. The way you tell it, I thought you'd be missing at least 4 fingers and had a knee replaced. I know 10-year-olds that get beat up worse than this on the soccer field, and they get it 4 times a week.

Hit in the back of head full force while sitting down, then kicked in he ribs while knocked out in the fetal position. does that look like an X ray of
a hand or kneecap? soccers a tough game I played.
It's called Aggravated Battery and Kirk is looking at 15 years and 10,000 fine except he has done this before to people apparently this is
normal for him. I tell you one thing he cannot fight, this was NOT a fight, I never even responded was out cold til the third kick to the ribs
brought me up off the ground a foot moved my body and woke me back up. he will get whats coming do not worry about that.

Gregory Rush 05-04-13 10:33 PM

You do not need an x ray to see how far displaced Rib 11 is
just compare it to the normal side of my chest.... these 3 pics are.
My good side, my bad side pointing at the rib that stick OUT an inch or inside me an inch, depending on how my body is, it is loose. The 3rd
picture is the same thing but outline the rib so you know what to look for.
These pics, DVD X rays, Catscan, Police Report is all filed . Only
thing left is to subpoena BIrdie, Kirks MOm, and his stepdad and the neighbor.


Kirk completely knew what he is doing, he is just insane. To him this is normal.
Hit someone from behind knock them out, then gee they might get up while
unconcscious better keep kicking him in the ribs until BIride says its enough.

I didn't di anything expect turn my chair to leave
after he told me to leave for interutping one sentence into a conversation.

Now Kirk had told me befor I came down, that he was on meth for two weeks
and was telling me stuff ike " I was with this hooker all week and didn't get laid?"
"whats wrong with me?" ya that's what meth does. read up on drugs before you
play with your pleasure receptors, sooner or later you will be left limp for life
and hate people and never ever be happy about anything, just looking'for your next meth fix.
Kirk Kiefreider photo is Property of Gregory Rush Studios
Disclaimer I am not that good at this computer stuff I spend my time outside....

Chance 05-05-13 12:28 PM

Sorry to disappoint, but I've never used a gaffed escape prop in my life. Not even with my underwater stunts.

And you are still a crybaby, and your attacker is still a pussy.

Gregory Rush 05-05-13 12:41 PM

This post was just about the assault and Monday I go in for
more diagnosis.

Monday will be new scans Wednesy will postresults

Gregory Rush 05-05-13 12:52 PM

Just looking for Kirk now thnx

Peter 05-05-13 01:34 PM

Chance, be careful, I really think this sonofabitch is an escapee from the funny farm. Surprised if he actually has a concealed permit due to being unstable.

Gregory Rush 05-05-13 02:57 PM

This is me the same day I was assaulted later tha evening.
Un porovoked, by a coward named Kirk Kiefreider which
now has more or less ended my performing career as
people have seen it for 30 years I wll make changes.
I will still do what I was born to do
thnx Nick for the pic and thnx Dallas for taking it
and posting it to Facebook on the same day.
Ends up being pretty crucial my lawyer said
as well as I have a full hour show I performed just
before leaving to go to FLorida , my neighbor who works
for the Newspaper recorded it ata an event sponsored by my bank
as well as documented in the Newspaper so the dates are not in question at all.

thnx to my negbhor the newpaper is local here in Willmar, Minnesota

Gregory Rush 05-05-13 03:17 PM

I wll be making my own Blog with my life experience in the short
two weeks I spent knowing Kirk in CA and the short 2 days knowing him in FL. Kirk is not the same person I met 25 years ago. Anyone who doesn't like that can piss off. I will be revealing every detail I know about Kirk I have seen through my eyes a I have a right to tell my biography on the web just like anyone else.

it has funny animated gifs too

Gregory Rush 05-05-13 04:57 PM

soccer game
This post is for you Chase.Assault is never funny.
I was hti in the back of the head twice, kicked in the
ribs repeatedly while unconscious and when I came to
punched imn the face again. Yes I agree with you my
attacker is a pussy.

this is a new story, sounds like a relative of Kirks.

Gregory Rush 05-09-13 09:49 AM

Big Electric Cat
Shard of bone the used to be the tip of rib well it finally
realized it was not going to fit in where it broke off.
It used to like to hang around near the frayed tip of
the unstable shattered foundation it came off. I could
feel it in there like a well, a bone chip.

It decided to head out from that area it was causing a lot of
pain..oh why am I posting? That and no new posts lately.

So ya like a sliver it feels, granted not very big a piece of bone
but slivers do not need to be big to be felt. It is like a reverse engineered
sliver, the end of the rib it broke off from is still forked. Just like the
tongue of the loser who did this to me. Oh gee there I go complaining again.
A LOT of pain from that thing travelling is gone, it lodged its self, with my manipulation
just outside my hip bone where I think it is trying to come out like a sliver. Feels like a
huge bee sting on the surface, underneath, cannot compare to describe its route just
ouch and interesting...or, doing everything stuff then OUCHHC$%#$%$ WHAT THE FUCK? !!
Then it goes away,,, then when ya don't expect it $%$# WHAT THE FUCK????
OWWW OWWWW %$%$ lol Big Electrci Cat......:eek:

Still reading this is better with the video playing in he background

btw I am not great at drawing wit ha mouse ;)

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