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Gregory Rush 08-25-13 04:45 PM

and this
This is for Peter the guy obsessed with people like Kirk.

Why don't you start writing letters to Atlas or Mike?
In fact just pick anyone at random and tell them
what they need to do ok? Maybe you are not on
ignore with those guys, and you know them better
than you know me or Kirk, so whats the difference?
Kirks a sick fuck so is Mike. Peter you are probably
an OK guy, but this is btwn me and Kirk, not anyone else.
thnx for trying to understand that.

Peter 08-26-13 11:17 AM

Greg, it was between you & Kirk until you broadcast it to the world on this forum. All I am trying to get you to understand is that showing pictures of pistols while making threats makes YOU the arrested if something happens to Kirk.

Gregory Rush 08-26-13 04:42 PM

Remove user from ignore list Peter , nope I like his one liners, lol
its always the same line too!
This message is hidden because Peter is on your ignore list!!!!

So is that thing with Barney working out for you?

I am sure you just reply with your usual
This message is hidden because Peter is on your ignore list.

Gregory Rush 09-30-13 11:31 AM

8 months
Yes 8 months, I will post like I said my status is pretty much
the same except the back ends of the ribs have grabbed on
I do not even know if caritlige grows back, one doc said no,
internet is vague so many kinds and area involved at least
three to 4 kinds in my case counting my spine and hip areas.

So I just decided to post some magic marker pictures to
go with all the technical reports, MRI's, xrays, and CT scans < CAT >
big electric ones I have on DVD anyone can have a copy just pvt msg
me if you think my paint skills do not match up with a PHD in umm
whatever they do with that thing. :D

If you are going to reply and I have you on ignore can you
wait a couple days or so, otherwise it kind of makes you look crazy.
Pick a number I will get back to you.

Front Full

Gregory Rush 10-24-13 01:05 PM

The way it is and way it used to be.
9 months ago I was juggler and acrobat. 100% healthy skeleton.
The post up above shows the pieces my body is now missing and or damaged and missing in the diagrams.
This has not changed in 9 months and will not change ever.
Everynight I sleep with rib 10 poking me in the side if I roll over on that side while sleeping, or poking a good inch out of mychest if I lay on myback. Now even if I sleep on my good side, the ribs on the bad sides still grind and poke.

FUcked up vertebres. Hip and sacrililac ( sp ) joint.
Igave that POS a chance at redemption. I guess the
next step is the choice Kirk Kiefreider has made for his
already dimly lit future. There are two kindsfo assaults
one where you get in an argument, this is not the case.
One where a person plans to jump a non suspecting person
when there is no argument at all, yes plans it out. Decides.
Quotes from Kirk " I decided this is what you get."
Time for me courts to decide what Kirk gets.
Have a nice day.

Happy Halloween

Peter 10-24-13 01:53 PM

Greg, the ONLY thing I tried to point out is: suppose a person decides that Kirk has pissed him off and jumps Kirks ass. The assultor (no such word I know) then has a free ride because you have publicly threatened Kirk and stated you will do him harm. Ergo Greg goes to jail and the actual felon is free.

Scot Free 10-25-13 02:53 PM

Gregory Rush 10-25-13 08:24 PM


Originally Posted by Scot Free (Post 61219)

hahahaha :)

and yes Peter you are on my ignore list still :)

This message is hidden because Peter is on your ignore list.
But yeah, but yeah.

Lee Nelson 10-26-13 04:35 AM

am dumbfounded.
mr Rush, I am dumbfounded by your repeated inability to accept help from this forum and your complete lack of appreciation of irony.

Gregory Rush 10-27-13 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by Lee Nelson (Post 61221)
mr Rush, I am dumbfounded by your repeated inability to accept help from this forum and your complete lack of appreciation of irony.

I have already got contact with Birdie because of the forum so you ar ewrong.
Kirk also contacted because of the forum so you are wrong again.
Kirk also accepted 100% responsibility and agreed to pay me for lost wages.
I said I would post once a month my condition so the loser Kirk can read it,
and he does.

I am not asking for HELP. At all. I just like posting so people
know to avoid the ass hat meth head.

So look, and you thought you had a point.
Guess not. Do not forget the fine print I
can not see Peter posting, cuz I ignored him.
Like you,he seems to post but not notice I
do not need anyone to post. So post away.
I will remain flabbergasted at your quaint assumptions.

Peter 10-28-13 12:54 PM

Lee, it seems that Greg Rush is a total troll that trolled someone enough that he kicked Greg's ass and took names. Now he cries about getting what he deserved. I just ignore the troll but laugh when he posts

Chance 10-28-13 06:34 PM

Peter, 4 days ago he was saying that the courts will decide his attacker's fate. Then yesterday he says his attacker has contacted him because of this thread and has admitted his guilt and has agreed to repay him all of his lost wages and other expenses. That was a hell of a 2 days in-between! (rollseyes)

But hey, now that it's all fixed I'm sure Greg can put the whole mess to rest. (eyesrollouttamyhead)

Gregory Rush 10-28-13 09:42 PM

not intersted
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Remove user from ignore list Peter
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Remove user from ignore list Chance
This message is hidden because Chance is on your ignore list.

Tell you what, I am posting 3 more times my status each time one month from
now. I am glad I gave you guys something to talk about even though I have no clue what it is.

After that, you two will have to start your own threads to troll though.

martin ewen 10-29-13 07:33 PM

Usually I see socially inept, self obsessed, oratory or written legends in their own lunchtimes as fuel for the amusement of others. Red-setters comically humping the sofa of their self regard. Like some guy on a traffic median at the lights pulling his Tshirt up with one hand and rubbing his nipple with the other with his eyes rolled back convinced he's found a new form of higher physics. Face it, us street scum are hardly going to survive outside the narrow band of creative and/or psychotic clubhouse without at least a whisper of humility. This thread is dry masturbation without the benefit of lubricating wit, grace or intelligence. It's author is a deluded tragedy convinced he's a comedy. To me further engagement would be like tossing the nipple tweaker lube into which I'd infused chilli-power or wasabe. Funny but too cruel all considered. I suspect that simply ignoring this downs syndrome equivalent who, simply because he's sporting some tattered top-hat of symptomatic overconfidence is the best course to take. Given he's stated he's using it as an email equivalent directed solely for the benefit of one person and is additionally simply using whatever other people on this public forum who comment as impulses to continue the fiction that he's a master of riposte I think I'll quietly close the door on this particularly sad ward of life's psychiatric wing and lock it via ignore. There are games elsewhere and if not I'll make some.

Gregory Rush 10-29-13 10:03 PM

Wow your mind sounds like a bummer. Another know it all, looking to up
his own worth by trying to be witty, and failing , must be a pattern.


I am having a bad year, I am not dead or using anyone,
you think I share my private messages? You think I am
posting msgs from Facebook? Not a chance you will have
a clue, not a chance at all. You do not know me.

All I know is certain trolls on this board exhibit the same
behavior no matter what the subject. Its like flies on shit.
So have fun with my waste product as I will take the far
FAR many too many more peoples gratitude, for thanking
me as a lot of people wondered where Kirk has been over the
last 20 years while most of us have been working hard on the
stage and streets both, buying houses, or some of you, vans
or the like to live in, and Kirk has been stealing everything he
owns, eats, sleeps in or on. This is not a joke. In prison on and
off for 20-30 years, the poor felon cannot even rent.

If you trolls want to make this about you, or me,
that's your game. Oh and I clicked on the Wally show video.
one word.

Nothing wrong with it. Just, no.

Martin on the other hand, well , flamers never do have talent.
EDIT could not make it through any of the videos.

Gregory Rush 10-29-13 10:12 PM


Originally Posted by martin ewen (Post 61228)
Usually I see socially inept, self obsessed, oratory or written legends in their own lunchtimes as fuel for the amusement of others. .

What comes from your thoughts, are your thoughts. People who fail a lot
in life tend to spend their later years as critics, of anything or anyone.
Kind of like a Junkyard Dog who decided to stop making friends and
just barks out useless drivel hoping for some self validation from
his fellow mutts who also spend their life barking at nothing.

I have still managed 500 a month house payments, pay all my bills
and not have to suck one dime from the system, or take any charity.
Even though every time I bend over I here a pop or two in my back,
this story is far from over and that will not be the last pop you hear.

Gregory Rush 11-06-13 03:36 PM

My Birthday is on Thanksgiving this year, it is not
every year, pretty rare for me. I have a lot to
be thankful for.
Now who wants to grab the other end of my wishbone!
You know what they say,

" if you dance with the devil, you do not change the devil,
the devil changes you."

someone said that I dunno think it was Ponch Varnilla
Some black and white movie, set in a junkyard and
the , well I have it here somewhere will post title later.

Gregory Rush 11-30-13 12:04 AM

Saddest day of my life
I had the first saddest day of my life on thanksgiving.
My Birthday. We lost our mom the night before, she was my closest
friend next to my son. I will probably post once more
in December, once or so a month like I said..then if
I ever start to perform again, and my mom.
She was 78, she had 5 kids, 2 boys 3 girls me the second youngest.
Everyone loved her, she was like that. I have her hazel green eyes.
Miss you mom.
Hope everyone had a pretty good thnxgiving or even an awesome one,
I still had a day thanking God for everything my mom has given and taught everyone she touched , and still will keep teaching me things. For starters,
how to carry on, after the saddest day of my life.

Peter 11-30-13 01:03 PM

It's always a bitch kitty to lose a parent and for us men it's hardest to lose our mothers. Even tho I have disparaged you in the past I will keep you & your family in my prayers.


Gregory Rush 01-08-14 01:14 PM

a lot of work
Well it took a lot of work , and people will betray you, never trust anyone.
What am I saying? I located the loser. Time to Collect.


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