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Gregory Rush 01-19-14 02:36 AM

Last Post Post Until Court
Until I see Kirk in court, which he bragged to so many people
that a mole in his fold gave me his whereabouts and number,
just remember , a person who does this to anyone, from behind
is not only a coward, but also likes it from behind, will do you
from behind, rob you from behind, lie about you from behind
until one day they forget to look behind them self because
they live their life behind reality and are a

thnx again to my secret source keep up the good work!

EDIT also gave me another witness!

Gregory Rush 04-20-14 10:40 AM

Happy Easter
one of these has to do with Easter...
Either way a good time will be had here in Colorada
for the weekend. Cuz MN well...
Then I am heading to NAwlins then FL of course.

Gregory Rush 05-10-14 01:56 PM

Back in prison for the summer, what a Bummer
Kirk , do they let ya have internet in there? :laugh:

Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Brown Shoes Don't Make It

Random lyrics from that song
A world of secret hungers,
Perverting the men who make your laws
Every desire is hidden away,
In drawer, in a desk,
By a Naughahyde chair
On a rug where they walk and drool
Past the girls in the office
he's a plumber every summer what a bummer....

Gregory Rush 07-12-14 07:33 PM

Helmets and kneepads are for pussies
Could it be I was duped? Time will tell.
Here is me and my puppy, 5 months now, Patches.
I live a half a block from the fairgrounds and right across
from a lake, another lake is the same half a block away at the fair grounds
and Patches and I are heading right for it, soon we will not stop at the lake,
first I am training her to run with me, off the dock and into the water.
Next will be the roller blades, I think I might have to bring padding to put on the iron posts that line the narrow 3 foot wide fiberglass dock, its about 30 to 50 feet long, she might try and jump off the to side, I don't need another rib injury.
Either way, roller blades and all I will sail off the dock at at least 30 mph
as it is downhill from my house, doing about 25 here just about half way from my house to the lake, she poicsk up speed fastmI am beefing her up, shesa beast,
shes fast, she snatchesa ball out of the air at the last second, shesa show off, she can talk, I love you, ya, woof, no, she mubmles a lot too, She is making more words everyday. She is crazy, so am I , eventhouh the doctors tell me I am totally sane, who knows. I hate correcting typos so live with it, just enoy the pic, feel the Rush and get ready for me to fly off into the deep end...
That's off the dock silly, I will videotape it of course.
Screw it Just go to Gregory Rush on Facebook, I will add the image in her later on tinypic

I still have two crunchy disks in my back, and a rib that healed wrong so it stabs me in the side
when I sit down or lay down, that's for life....that does not stiop my muscles from working'
and getting stronger than I was before I was assaulted a lot stronger, and I grew an inch.
I was always a short 5 61/2 now I am 5 7 1/2 the docotrt says...
Ya wit ha Jet Enigne/
This is me last year, the first tiem I got back on the ladder
on muddy clay, in the rainm with car parts and glas on slated race track
I aked eh Drive wtf is that?
He said WTF is Fire ladder Juggler?
The crowd goes absolutely ballistic.
Gregory is coming back, stronger , faster, better, sharper and with my dog
Patches who will leap through a hoop of fire. I never kid around. trust me.
YOu have not seen anything like this yet, and you will not see anything like
the new shows I am going to be doing.
My next Birthday, is going to be a blast!

Me to Rick? "What the Fuck a Jet Engine Powered Fire TRuck??
HE parked in my driveway, we partied.
Me " You are my kind of insane."
RIck " Ya the hoses shoot fire 100 feet into the air."
me " Rick, you drive Mother Fucking Jet Powered Fucking Fire Truck?"
RIck " I melt faces and cars, at the same time"
Me" Well I see the ladders and looks like you are missing a
Fucking Fire Ladder Juggler"
He laughed so hard, RIck " OK RUsh, what the fuck is a mother fucking fire ladder juggler"
I laughed, "you like surpises, so do I , tomorrow night I will attempt something
I have not done in a long time, I have 3 broek n ribs healing, a crushed hip, and a few herniated disks in my back and 2 are cruished perty bad"
I laughed " This is either going to stop the fucking rain, or break the train..."
Rick OK RUSH you are hired, want to drive a monster truck? Hell ya I said.....
Even if you seen it, its worth seeing again, the second time I juggle the base of the lader slide, skates back three feet,
I relasied walking it was not gonna help, so I just used pure balance
Mother fucking typos. just watch the damn video.

Gregory Rush 07-29-14 12:15 AM

Yep they just keep coming to all topics!
2 non members viewing now!
Husker Du Wiki it, the backyard I grew up in, into
and the place I started street performing at age 16
after thrown out of my house by an alcoholic stepfather
who would not let me use his mower and gas can to mow
lawns for money, to feed us....that's another story....
living out of a 1963 Super Sport Chevy Imapala,
it was a hard top, red with white fake convertible lines roof.
It had power windows, air conditioning , every extra you can imagine.
Leather seats etc, well it had a seized up engine a friend sold it to me
knowing I liked old Chevys, he was not sure what it was, but said it
had a seized up engine and was sinking into his uncle farm, it was spotless.
I put a rebuilt engine into it and and....its now a show car, sold it
to another friend I paid 100 bux for it. he paid 3,000. I had to at one
point dive into a gravel pit looking for it after the Police put it into neutral
and submerged it, for being at kegger party, under age, after we left Porkys
where girls skated out your orders, just like in American Graffitti
I later found you can push start any old chevy that has an automatic
transmission two speed power glide. The Later paid off when I was 18
working for Royal American Shows in FLorida When I mistakingly
turned off the engine that was overheating and it vapor locked.
Quite a feature. Someone gets behind you, you have to do about
45 mph, yep on the freeway, then drop it into low and BA BOOOM
off you go in my 65 Super Sport Convertible that landed me in Tarpon
Springs FLorida, became captain of a shrimp boat by night, roamed Florida
beaches by day, juggling for handouts or what have you, girls, food
a place to park and sleep in my car, enter Ozona Florida....
Tune in last week for next weeks stories, good night
Working on a bio now for Buskers net , as requested.

Tell you what, anyone that crosses me that knows me.
Knows what they have coming. 10 to 100 time more
than what you do, is coming back at you, if you even survive that.
That also goes for the good you do for me :)
Wait for it...
Now for some relaxing music

Glen Campbell Rhinestone Cowboy
Husker Du Could you be the One
Well, could you be the one they talk about?
Well, hiding inside behind another door
Or is it only happiness you want?
Does wanting a feeling matter any more?

It doesn't mean that much to me
Sometimes I don't mean that much to you
And I don't even know what I'm hiding for
And I don't even know what I'm crying for
Don't even know what I'm hiding for
I'm hiding inside, I'm crying inside

Well, could you be the one they talk about?
Well, life is a game that only you can make
Well, maybe I'm about to throw it out
I've given it all, that's all that I can take

It doesn't mean that much to me
Sometimes I don't mean that much to you
And I don't even know what I'm hiding for
And I don't even know what I'm crying for
I don't even know

Well, could you be the one? Could you be the one?
Could you be the one that's hanging all around?

Don't even know what I'm crying for
I don't even know what I'm hiding for
I'm crying inside, I'm hiding inside

Yes, don't even know what I'm crying for
I don't even know what I'm hiding for
Don't even know, could you be the only
Broken hearted one?

Well, could you be the one? Could you be the one?
Could you be the one that's hanging all around?

Don't even know, well, don't even know

Well, could you be the one? Could you be the one?
Could you be the one? Could you be the one?

youtube is amazing I can be, or am, actually in this video, never know,
and for sure know lots of people in the crowd, and the band.
Some 50 years later, who would have thought...
Lst but not least, Gravity
check out the full album Everything Falls Apart...
its good music to watch things like space exploration known universe animations and such...
one more ...
Husker Du
Please keep enjoying Jims wonderful site here at performers net
Gravity Lyirics
It's only getting darker
It may be moving faster
Well, it won't stop spinning
But how long will it remain?

This repulsive world
The crimes we all commit
It's not your gravity
It's not your gravity, gravity

The tension keeps building
The changes are rapid
We're through competing
Is it better to retreat?

This repulsive world
The crimes we all commit
It's not your gravity
It's not my gravity, gravity

End Lyrics
my son took me to the movie Gravity just before he boarded
his plane to Salt Lake City , Utah.
I recall hitchhiking back from CA in 1979 after
trying my hand at street performing at venice Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.
I sucked, I got put in my place for sure. No doubt made me better, stronger, faster and more original I was only 17.
On the way back, I was at a truck stop like I said, hitchhiking through...
ya that's when I saw the Rainbow hovering over tow twin peak mountains.
It was touching down and fading left, you could see both ends touching down
on the face of each mountain, at one point it was perfect symmetry , touching
each mountain about 1/3 of the way up and arching far above them both.
Very unbelievable and the whole truck stop was watching, like it was Close Encounters
of the Third kind, thought coming in... it probably was, the only kind.

You probably know, last year, November 28th, Thanksgiving my mom died
on my Birthday.
My son is back home now, a month so far, he designs art for websites.
he will be going back to Utah for that season al job again, with that
locked in, I am again for the first time in a long time able to plan,
and go where I want. Mom said when Mickey left to go to Utah...
Now don't go running off to Florida or California again, wait until
Mickey gets back in case he needs you or things don't work out.
Thanks mom, for giving, and thank you all for reading. I like to write.

Gregory Rush 07-29-14 09:54 PM

Just found this out today
You wake up, its April Fools Day 2014. You are in jail. the 8 grand you owe Gregory Rush is in your pocket. The charge is pc666. Stealing Umbrellas.
Cut to the end of Woody Allen Movie Zelig. You are in New Orleans.
The year is 1983 " Is it Raining?" watching movies 2nd floor Toulouse and Royal.
Back to the present day, 1 year 6 months, 2 years 6 months years suspended sentence.
30 months probation upon release.
NEW_PC4019 (1/2 TIME)



The Devil is in the Details

Am I happy about this? No. Though it is impressive.

Kirk will not be seeing Florida for
at least 5 years if he doesn't fuck up during his
30 months probation...can pigs fly?

That's a wrap.

Peter 07-30-14 12:19 PM

OK he is in jail and owes you $8000. My question is why didn't you defend yourself in the initial attack?

I am 70 yrs old weigh 145 lbs and am a busker. I always, ALWAYS have a slap jack in my pocket and a pair of sap gloves in my kit. These can be bought at any police supply store and you do NOT have to be a cop to have them.

One day a VERY LARGE offensive black guy trie to run me off my pitch. I was on it and he tried to take it over by pushing me down on the ground. I got up and slipped the slap jack out of my pocket and called him a name. When he raised his hand to hit me I nailed him in the ribs with the slap jack. He dropped instead of me. Turned out I broke 2 of his ribs plus I got the respect of every other busker on the pitch. When he shows up now he takes his turn like he should.

Gregory Rush 07-31-14 08:32 PM

Hi Peter
Just saying hi
View Post Unread Yesterday, 12:19 PM
Remove user from ignore listPeter
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No idea what you said, the reason you are on ignore is I am stubborn.
I was there, with you know who else, and Kirk, and Kirks mom and
stepdad. All the rubbish you posted or will post is not of any interest to me.

thanks though
I think....
IF you think it is important ask a mutual friend for my phone
number, I don't know you in real life and will not interact over the net with you.
You are a blank, that's all.

Peter 08-01-14 11:30 AM

The real reason I am on your ignore list is that you are STUPID! I offer a lot of good advice but you seem to just want to bitch & moan because you pissed off someone enough to deck your crybaby ass. Open yourself up to opinions of REAL buskers and learn

Gregory Rush 08-04-14 04:16 AM

View Post Unread 08-01-14, 11:30 AM
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Can you read or what?

View Post Unread 08-01-14, 11:30 AM
Remove user from ignore listPeter
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That is all I see when you post.
fucking troll
not interested even if it might be nice what you posted.
the few times you were abrasive assuming and an idiot was
enough for me, you will stay blocked.
People do not change.

Peter 08-04-14 10:41 AM

No Greg you do not change, you are the biggest idiot on this site and everyone knows it when you post

Gregory Rush 10-24-14 05:50 AM

Not sure why some troll on my ignore list is still
polluting my thread, don't care.
Since the assault the only witness ahs had his life threatened as well.
Well that's what happens when you hang out with someone after
seeing first hand what , someone I only "knew" for less than a few days
after not seeing them for twenty years, seeing me get assaulted...
Then choosing to hang out with him, take money from him etc.
Luckily he learned the easy way. I am still learning the hard way.
Two of the discs in my back will never heal up, yes out of the four.
You see when you are blacked out from a concussion, then kicked in the
side,and your ribs, two of them completely broken in half ( MRI, CT scans )
one fractured, kicked who knows how many times from the side at 135
pounds, wet. By someone 6 '4 more, 250 plus pounds of meth witdrawing
rage over simply being interrupted , interjcted, part of three way
conversation, you learn a lot about your body, and drug addicts,
well you can only imagine the impact and damage to your spine.
Which is where you ribs connect. I was hoping to heal up completely.
When I say , this is no boating accident, I talked to a girl just last week,
like many people she somehow while water skiing, hit the dock, fractured
her ribs, not broken, and well a front impact is different so my Dr tells me.
I live I learn. I am pretty sure a lot of people have had broken ribs, and
maybe fractured ribs with not much damage.
I am not even sure if it is all from the first kick, as also from the side,
my hip was kicked so hard it turned my hip, so if you run you hand
down your back, you will feel the first two things to the left or right,
just above where your hip starts. These are the sacroiliac joints.
Spelling on that, don't care , its 5 am I once again the second rib
from the bottom of my body, aching like all hell, never will stop.
Its a floating rib, it rubs on the rib cage. The sac joint on my hip
sticks out still, and always will, almost a full inch.
When I vend over the tow discs about even and upwards of that,
crunch and make snapping noise. 2 years or so later, It has started
to get worse, probably always was, you can only heal for so long.
Once you are healed, the full damage is know, new MRI, new CTA
Dr insist I have to stop my juggling career and get on SS.
3rd Doctor, I fired the second one, my first Dr retired.
Drs ACMC Willmar, RE Hodapp, retired, Beaver, Fired, current doctor
Robert Boyd. Last week I saw the SS muskoskeleton Dr.
THisis not something I like to admit, even to myself, my friends,
agetns and fellow performers, I had like to think my left side of my body,
would eventually be the same as the most used right side of my body
and I would be whole again.
Not gonna happen, the grinding and using the body with crushed disks,
ribs that of course do not heal to their original mass, length, position nothing.
The hip also has a protruding disc besides the joint, its all in the MRI CT
scans documented and photo copied in this thread.
The perp , may be getting out soon, but will be in probation in CA.
Avoid this walking asshat all costs. What I am going to do about it is my business. Only.If he shows upFL after probation in CA he will be prosecuted,
you have 5 years from an assault date to press charges.I aready filed the Police Report, and willing or not the witnesses will be called up to testify.
if he stays in CA, I will explore other options. have a nice day and if
you are one of three trolls I have ignored already, I suggest you realize
I will never in my life read you posts, so rant and rave all you want in your
air tight sealed glass bubble.
I can so , still some fairly rigorous workouts, possible perform a show,
grin and bear it, then not move much for 3 to 5 days.
Before , and even recorded by a local newpspaper , cinco de maya
fest here where live, and otgehr gigs prior in FL, I basically,
as with my whole life, never even stubbed a toe, sprained an ankle,
I jammed a writ on time coming down from the 6 foot unicycle that's it.
In 1984. Since then recently at Cinco De maya and Fl gigs, I
could stroll, for hours, on or off the high or low unicycle not take breaks,
maybe brab a wall or pole if crowd got thick, juggle, move with
ease through light crowds for 8-12 hours, then add in 2 or 3
shows, very intense physical shows. Not surprising as this had
been my non smoking non drinking regiment since I was less
that 16 years old, very physical. Born same day as Bruce Lee,
same height weight my hero, born of the Metal Dragon.
Then of course wake up next day ready to go again.
I will do what I can , use my wit, and what skills I am able to.
Things will never be the same. The spine was simply not meant
to be kicked in from the side , ribs broken, and expect to heal back
to normal. Please excuse my 2 year absence I am doing and looking
into everything I can to come back to my friends, family and fans.
have good day, enjoy the weather.
Gregory Rush

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