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FireNix 06-02-13 08:04 AM

Fender Amp Can for sale Australia/NZ - $150(ono)+P&P

Ive got an old Fender for sale - 10W of raw power!!
Its been well used, but is still fine for sound
Its without a battery (got taken from me at NZ airport on the way to a gig in Oz).
I now just buy a cheap Motorbike battery and have drilled a small hole in the side for leads to come out to connect.
Its great as you dont need to worry about travelling and can run a Mic from it too (I used to run a Samson from the 12V)
You cant get these anymore - theyre an old classic and MANY buskers will have used them - pick yourself up a classic bargain
Message me to work out details of sale

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