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Rachel Peters 06-15-13 04:57 PM

A Massive Mythological Undertaking.
Hi, Pnetters. Long time, no Pnetting. Like, years, I suppose.

I have something I know SOMEone out there will want.

See the following link:

I'm trying to pay some big bills quickly, and I just need to let this beautiful art piece go to someone who can put it to better use.

email me at (not to pnet) if you want to know more or see more.


gav 06-18-13 10:07 AM

i'd buy it but i'd need your body to pull it off.
that sounds like a double entendre, but i honestly didn't mean it like that as i typed.

had been wondering what ever happened to you.

at the moment i'm more in the market for a show for a one handed one eyed juggler. please no pirate themes !

good luck with the sale, i'm pretty sure some young thing will snap it up.

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