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SaFire 06-29-13 05:07 PM

Latest Demo Reel - What do you think?
I updated my demo reel awhile back after a magician friend saw my show and told me that the previous demo reel wasn't an accurate representation of my show or my skills. I looked at my old one and realized he was right, so I added new footage.

I do mostly corporate work so that's who it's geared towards but I hope it's pretty open to all ages/audiences. I'd love to hear any thoughts or suggestions!

Isabella 07-11-13 09:09 AM

Enjoyed your promo - I'm trying to get a quote from you, is your website email going through?

SaFire 07-12-13 01:25 AM

Hi Isabella,

I spoke with Allison today! I'll be sending her some details in the morning.

Much love,

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