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Lee Nelson 07-20-13 08:41 AM

New Circus Tent for Sirkus Islands
Hey guys, about 7 years ago I moved to Iceland. I have worked tirelessly to build a circus community here. One week ago I hosted the first ever Reykjavik Street Performers Festival.
I have now launched the biggest ever crowdfunding attempt in Icelandic history.
I am trying to get a circus tent.
For many of you this tent might represent the best chance you will ever have of working in Iceland as a performer.
Please help me. Its crowd funding, if you donate and we dont reach our goal you get your money back. If you do donate and you want to come to Iceland I will always remember that.
Please spread the word, help me to make this possible. I am all in on this.


martin ewen 07-23-13 05:13 AM

I chipped in the smallest amount possible [5 euro, about 10 bucks] because every bit counts and it's not often you can be part of starting the first circus a countries ever had. A tent will mean no more rental overheads for them so more for the shows and I've been to Iceland, they are the bests hosts and are world leaders in the simple things like eating and drinking and laughing. This Circus tent project for performers who tour internationally is like being offered Apple shares in the early 90's. Buy in. Just drop $10 and put the link on your facebook or blog or whatever you use to shout into the void these days and remember to ask your friends to share the link too.

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