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young raoul 08-03-13 11:01 AM

Halifax action

Peter 08-03-13 11:18 AM

This just proves that if you piss off a policeman, YOU are the one getting wet. His big mistake was making fun of the security guard, and then making fun of the cops. His fault looks like

harmonicakev 08-09-13 11:23 PM

Thanx for posting young Raoul - I'd be interested in how the Canadian courts handle this.
Kevin M.

martin ewen 08-29-13 06:48 PM

I found that the Waterfront security goons are simply uniformed subintelligent thugs. I was flown by the Halifax festival from London and installed at a pitch and even then I had to deal with these fuckers on a daily basis. They are knuckle dragging dipshits who work on behalf of the most reactionary psychotic shopowners although to be honest it's just the art supply shop owner I had issues with. He had issues with his shop entrance, I adapted, he had issues with crowds in general and told me he shut at seven pm so I adapted and didn't work there until after 7, his response was to stay open longer [because I brought crowds to his empty corner of the market] until 9.

The security assholes deserve no respect at all, they do a disservice to their profession.

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