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Stretch 09-06-13 09:00 AM

Touring In Canada? Face New Fee
"New federal regulations has booking agents and promoters bringing international artists and bands into the country having to pay a $275 per performer "processing fee." "

""There is no fee that discriminates against musicians. All LMOs required for temporary foreign workers have cost recover fee," Kenney said on his Twitter account.

The federal government adds the new processing fee applies to all temporary foreign workers, and not just musicians. "

Isabella 09-06-13 11:23 AM

Fortunately, it specifically does not apply to buskers and outdoor festivals -

"They’re also quick to point out there are exemptions, which, on a musical level, includes “musicians in a band performing several tour dates in Canada” and “musicians and buskers coming to Canada to perform in festivals,” with the one major caveat being that they “must not perform in bars and restaurants.” "

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