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The Pretty Good 05-10-01 08:46 PM

I'm from here and I dont like sharing...
What the hell is up with these guys that give you shit when you walk on a pitch and introduce yourself.

stickman 05-14-01 11:49 AM

I normally assume fear! They're afraid your going to take away their audiences, and/or money. Personally I prefer a variety of shows on pitch. Been the only act in many places I've wandered through. Always more fun, to have others to keep the audiences trained.


jester 05-14-01 04:15 PM

I agree with you stickman.

I want to see more people in Salisbury doing their thing. If anybody wants advice, parking, where to, etc let me know.

scot 05-21-01 04:43 PM

I didn't really have that much problem with you introducing yourself. It was just that you used a freaking megaphone and during one of my shows. Then you started jumping over people. You suck, punk. Murray's!!!


scot nery</A>


GlassHarper 06-02-01 01:31 PM

When I hit a venue that's new to me I always look around for the most professional of the performers there, wait 'till the end of his/her show, drop a buck in the bucket and ask what are the local rules, regulations & traditions. Some times it results in new friendships. Some times it gets me the cold shoulder. Either way I find out quickly whether or not I'll be happy working the pitch.

Peter (the New Orleans GlassHarper) Bennett

The Pretty Good 06-18-01 12:44 AM

Dont make come over there!

scot 06-22-01 10:42 PM

Is this a bad place to make come? Maybe this should be in the specific pitches category.

The Amazing Beaumanz 06-25-02 04:03 PM

hey brendon,
hope things are going well for you up there. sounds like you pulled off some good shows!! I happen to think jumping over people is pretty cool!
we are currently in daytona tearing it up with checkers.

keep in touch,

might be up that way next month,


ALAKAZAM 07-16-02 08:19 AM

set up next to them and blow the motherfucker out of the water .Normally they are happy to accomodate after that.
AL [img]cool.gif[/img]

LUCKY DIAMOND RICH 07-18-02 01:57 PM

do not listen to Al,Al has learnt some bad habbit's from me!
I tried that for years and it is not the spiritual thing to do!
Just take it as a blessing in descise and rise above the moment!
The only thing that really matters is the relationship with your audince ,mate!
All the best!
Breathing helps aswell!


jonnyflash 07-26-02 02:15 AM

Back to topic title...

Top 5 reasons told to this out-of-towner by regulars explaining why there is no draw to determine performance times in Victoria, BC but only arbitrairy decrees,intimidation, whinging, hand-wringing and, in my professional opinion a general state of poo-headedness....

1."I've been here 20 years, we don't have a draw here, you'll take the spot we give you"

2."Don't give me any of that Vancouver fairness crap, because it doesn't work that way here"

3."I'm taking the 9:15 spot.(Speaker then stormed away to avoid debate on his decree)

4."I'm scared of making waves."

5."I used to fight with _____,did for years, but now I just let him have his way."

martin ewen 07-26-02 08:45 AM

First question-Can you be bothered.
depending on the answer and your level of committment and sense of mischief there are a number of ways to prevail .
You can employ your own intimidator.
You can set him up to assault you then charge him.
You can transcribe his show (just tape it and pay a service ($10)
Then publish it here on and find his postal address and we can all do rewrites and send them to him.(its an unbalancing enlarging the playground softener)
You can get a group of people to each pay enough for a return ticket to Borneo/Sudan/ south africa, then have someone inside that country fabricate a festival with large fee then all thats left is to plant drugs on him while he's there. (Do it in Thailand or singapore and they might kill him.)
Find the address and name of the relevant parks and rec or who-ever at the council and put it up here and a bunch of us could write and complain that as tourists we were put off by the actions of one particular performer who ruined our holiday for us with displays of rude and objectional behavior.
Jeez this is befor my first coffee, morning all.

Mark Wessels 07-27-02 11:22 PM

Allow me to comment on the flip side of this dilema. I am very new to street performance, I have only worked about 20 or 25 shows in my life. I live in Boston and work at Harvard Square. From the very first day I walked onto that pitch I was welcomed and allowed to work. I was given advice by some of the veterans of the street and I am learning how to work a circle the best way I know how, by doing one. I would not be learning the way I am or working as hard as I have been if it weren't for the support I recieved from the Boston crew and from the community here at I can't tell you how much I appreciate it and I know that if I am ever good enough to be listened to on the pitch I will try to welcome people the way I was welcomed. Though I'm tired of stammering my thanks like this it's the only way I know to show my appreciation. I feel like even here in the forum and all around us the bad aspects of street performing get played up. The fact is, I can't think of a group of people I'd rather work with that the street performers here in Boston. Even if Sonny Holiday still scares the hell out of me.



[ 07-28-2002: Message edited by: Mark Wessels ]</p>

Doctor Eric 07-28-02 01:47 AM

So, one day right after Mardi Gras here in NOLA, it just starts pouring down rain with no provocation whatsoever. I mean, I didn't even look at the sky. Anyway, I pack up my gear and head back to the Big Easy Magic Co. (RIP) who used to let us all keep our gear there. I walk in the door, and there's Doug Conn, owner and proprietor, practically running out of the back door with this "I don't think, I KNOW I'm gonna puke" look on his face, and he is laughing hysterically. He won't say a word, he just points towards the back, whilst trying to gain his composure. So I walk back there, and right there, sitting on the couch sucking pickles out of a jar, is Sonny Holliday, in nothing but a wife beater and some tighty-whiteys, and Sonny's a skinny dude, so the leg holes ain't exactly tighty if you get my continental drift. Seems he was drying out his wet clothes on the heater, and didn't see a DAMN thing wrong with it...
You know Mark, the point of this whole story was to lessen your fears of Sonny, but it probably just did the opposite. Tell the old man I said hi.

Mark Wessels 07-28-02 10:28 PM

Yeah, I guess with some people the age old strategy of imagining them in their underwear sort of backfires. Now if you'll excuse me, I gotta run to the bathroom and pray to the porcelain god.


ps. No way you'll convince me to deliver that message, short of giving me a sound system.

[ 07-31-2002: Message edited by: Mark Wessels ]</p>

Sunshine 08-06-02 05:42 PM


I've been threatened to be KILLED in almost every city I've played in------always by very mediocre performers.

Unfornately, I've come to view this behavior as a COMPLAMENT.

The best performers on each pitch have always befriended me. The one's that feel SO THREATENED FOR THEIR WALLETS really just need to go home and practice.

At any rate just do the best possible show you can do at all
times. Try to stage your show so that it does not interfere with someonelse's show and let the JERKS amoung us SELF-DISTRUCT. Chances are the next time you come through town they will be WORKING A DAY JOB.


AJJames 09-28-02 06:21 AM

Jeez Sunshine,
EVERY city eh? maybe you should change your name to Storm or something ,you don't seem to be spreading much sunshine for me personallly if I like someones show I say "I like your show " or maybe "I really like your show" but I swear I have never ever attempted to complement someone by saying "I'm going to fucking kill you "
That's because death threats aren't complements dude. You need to take one of my work shops , a beginners guide to the Zen of pitch relations ,I believe Lucky will do the Master class if you make it through the beginners.
the course costs just $5000 which includes refreshments.
If you can't afford the course your self , perhaps you might initiate a scheme where as the cost is divided between all the many groups of street performers that you've angered.

Noel 09-28-02 10:24 AM


You're kidding, right?

(How's things?)

The Pretty Good 06-20-05 11:18 AM

Well it happened again.
ME: "Hi my name is Brendan and this is Roc."
Them: "Dont care, dont care"
Them: "Every week its a new face coming to take our spot."
ME: "Thats wierd, for us every week its a new city and new friends."
I Still dont feel like fighting about it.

Scot Free 06-24-05 08:55 AM

TPG where are you?

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