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Kim 11-10-13 05:54 AM

Virtual Soundman - Troubleshooting
Hey folks,

I recently dug out my old Virtual Soundman (MiniDisc version) to discover that the audio out of the VS unit doesn't output the music, though I can hear the "bubble & squeak" of the play/pause/stop/volume etc... messages being sent to the MD.

Anyone still using this unit with any thoughts on what might be up?

(The MD works fine on it's own, and the VS remote works as it should, stepping through tracks, pausing, playing, volume etc... just no audio being output.)

Help & Thanks!

Chance 11-10-13 07:47 AM

So it's the Virtual Soundman that's acting up, not the minidisc? I've never used one, but I remember reading somewhere that the dude who made them had great customer service (or I could be confusing him for my locksmith). Have you tried him directly?

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