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stickman 11-11-13 08:23 AM

Nady microWHM
Anyone tried one of these yet. Looks like the the cheap china ones, but tempted to give it a try. Building up a small kit, and missing my samsung airliner as a backup to the seinheiser.


Chance 11-11-13 09:53 AM

I have the headset model shown here:

It comes in both headset and lavalier models. The receiver is the same regardless. It comes in 6 different channels, from N1-6. I was sceptical at first since it is so small, but I saw someone using it and gave it a try based on that. I've had it now for about 6 months and I would gladly buy it again.

If you get it, I would also suggest an auxillary USB battery bank like this one over here:

That way the receiver is plugged in full time on pitch, and you can top off the headset between shows. And the only charging overnight is to the auxillary.

stickman 11-12-13 12:34 AM

Thanks Chance.

Bought one of the first ones out, but found it kept falling off when I was on the bed of nails. Attached a coat hanger wire and rubberized it which solved that problem. Finally gave up on it when it had trouble working with my AER, still working that one out. Good little unit, but also miss being able to switch batteries on pitch even with a usb battery pack.

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