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Tyw 12-01-13 01:06 PM

Flying with Unicycles
The other day i met with a performer from toronto, And he told me if im flying with a unicycle to buy a golf bag and put the unicycle in there. The airlines let you take a golf bag on the plane for free.
just wondering if any one else does this ? Is it true?

Thanks Ty

stickman 12-01-13 08:14 PM

A lot of airlines actually allow you to take a bike if it's packed correctly. Golf clubs are usually another exception, so probably why he does it that way. It's under sporting equipment. Check the airline directly before flying.


Chance 12-16-13 06:34 PM

Some airlines do have baggage allowances for sporting equipment. Check with who ever you are using. I think the rule of thumb is that only big spenders fly with fancy bikes or golf clubs, and they consider this a perc for those types. There's no rule that says you have to burst their bubble!

By law, all airlines must offer free cartage for assistance items, such as wheelchairs or wheeled movers. That's why I never pay for the bag that holds my heavy-duty folding luggage cart. And since it's also not against the rules, that same bag just happens to hold another 25lbs of gear as well. So long as it (or any checked bag on international flights) weighs less than 72lb there's nothing they can do except smile and stamp it PAID.

One trick that has literally saved me several hundreds of dollars several times over, is to make sure that my travel agent clearly spells out my baggage allowance at the bottom of my travel vouchers. It's basically just repeating what the fine print says 5 pages further back, but in regular font on the front page, written into the SPECIAL NOTES section before printing out my stubs. I can't remember the number of times this has saved me from extra fees at check-in. "Excuse me, sir, but those 2 bags are each 20lbs over the limit. That will be an extra $315, please." You should see the look on their faces when I point out the special notes! Priceless!

Tyw 12-18-13 08:13 PM

Thanks Guys! That really clarified the stuff i was wondering!

Mr.Taxi Trix 12-30-13 12:25 PM

Chance, full marks for awesomeness on that "assistance" loophole. BRAVO! I'm so getting on that train.

Uni= foldable pedals help sooooooooo much.

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