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nick 12-02-13 12:04 PM

New Remote control MP3 player - 'Q system'
Hi - I thought I would post a bit of info here about a new remote control MP3 player I have designed called a 'Q thing'. It can be operated by switches hidden within costume, magnets, tilt switches etc. When combined with a 'Q link' the signal 'piggy backs' on your radio mic transmitter signal making it wireless, and possible to activate music and sound effects 'invisibly' to view the webpage and video really...

The Q link can also be used with other MP3 players to make them wireless.

I'm also still selling PA systems for anyone interested. There should be a Mk4 coming out soon that will be louder and lighter than the old Mk3.

Sales outside Europe are now possible as well.

If you are interested in more info please contact me via the website as I don't often come here.


PS - there should be a 'key fob' remote control system coming soon as well - I will post here when it is finalised.

*** remote control 'keyfob' (Q remote) is now available - ***

Steven Ragatz 12-07-13 12:55 PM

Nicely done! I had thought of a similar system myself to replace the laptop I'm currently using to drive the sound for my show. You've replicated what I had in mind exactly except, can yours do a cross-fade function? So that there can be a smooth and easy transition between two music files? Message me on the board here with prices please. Thanks, and good work!

Steven Ragatz

nick 12-08-13 06:34 AM

Hi Steven - thanks. To fade one track out and fade another in you would need to do it manually via the volume knob on the Q link. There are various options - not one price, so either mail me through the website or post your email address here and I will send you all the info and prices.

Steven Ragatz 12-08-13 10:52 AM

Yeah, I figured that the cross-fade feature was the tough part in my mental design as well. It's a very cool little box you've got there though!

Steven Ragatz

nick 01-06-14 09:25 AM

Keyfob remote controller is now also available -


Marcus Wilson 01-06-14 02:10 PM

I'm liking this thing more now that you have the keyfob. Can you control the volume with the keyfob?

nick 01-06-14 05:12 PM

Hi Marcus - yes you can control the volume with the keyfob.


nick 02-14-14 11:06 AM

The Keyfob also now has an optional internal magnetic sensitive switch function, so that you can also activate one of the keyfobs functions with a magnetic ring etc. e.g. next track.


Evan Young 02-14-14 06:17 PM

Hey Nick. I clicked the email link to ask about pricing, but it was bounced back.

Kudos on the interesting design.

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