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Figo 12-11-13 11:27 PM

Taxi Crate tx 15
hey everyone,

does anyone know if the good ole taxi crate tx 15 can handle 2 mic inputs along with music?

thanks for the help


Peter 12-12-13 10:13 AM

I googled it at Musicians Friend and it has 2 channels, channel 1 is for a mic. Ergo the answer is NO

That's why google exists

stickman 12-12-13 11:00 PM

Actually I have to disagree with Peter. It has 2 mic inputs and a cd input (rca). I pulled up the pdf file and checked to make sure I was remembering correctly. Which means you can put 2 mics and have music.

Also checked on google.

Peter 12-13-13 05:36 AM

OOPS didn't mean to give bad advice. Sorry

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