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roblok 03-05-14 05:28 PM video. Feedback?
Hiya Gang,

Well, I've been working with a new partner in a brand new show. Had an opportunity to run it a good amount at the Genting Resorts Busker program in Malaysia. (need info on that? shoot me a message)


I would love any feedback on this. I didn't put any contact info on the video because I wanted it to be agent friendly.

I tried to do a 1 minute video but ended up with 2min 30 sec. 2 40 if you count title cards.

Let me know what you think. Thank you all!

gav 03-08-14 07:00 AM

The length of the video is fine in my opinion, I didn't get bored watching. The show content is really different from most of the stuff I've watched which is a big plus, and there's a general feeling of it being a very fun show that has the audience laughing a lot.
As it's indoors on a stage, it might not be the best video for trying to get street festival gigs but maybe that's not what you're aiming at. Let me explain that a bit. My wife and I get a lot of promo videos sent our way from people applying to a street festival with a video of them either performing indoors on a stage somewhere or worse, all alone with no audience somewhere. Whether or not what they are presenting is interesting or not, it's always hard to tell how it's going to translate to a street festival.
Because I know you and know that you can work a street crowd, it doesn't really matter to me so much that your video is shot on stage indoors but there may be other street festival bookers out there that don't know you, that it does matter to.
Again, none of that matters if you're not specifically aiming for street festivals. As a general show video, the act comes across as well rehearsed and professional and most of all fun.
Should do you well for getting a lot of work I think.

roblok 03-08-14 12:07 PM

Thanks Gav!

Unfortunately I didn't get any of our footage doing circle shows at the resort. I'll start sending this video out and see what I get.

Oh, trying to send you a message regarding the resort but your mailbox is full.

gav 03-08-14 01:16 PM

made room in the inbox.

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