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Amanda Huotari 03-24-14 10:58 AM

Eccentric Performing Workshop in June with Avner Eisenberg and Julie Goell
Celebration Barn, Maine's Center for Physical Theater Training, Presents:

Intro to Eccentric Performing: June 23-28
Advanced Eccentric: June 30-July 5

Eccentric Performing is one of the most personal and paradoxical of theater forms: It can be ingenious or dim-witted, skillful or blundering. It can have a sharp verbal wit or be completely silent. It can be extremely silly while pointing out the failure of society. Above all Eccentric Performing is funny!

What you will learn in this Intro to Eccentric Performing:

- Creating and maintaining rapport with any audience
- Using breath to increase your comfort on stage, and to heighten the emotional impact of your performance
- Using problem solving to create comedy out of ordinary activities
- Applying Lecoq training to clowning
- Turning any audience volunteer into an exceptional volunteer
- Intro to Goell Vocal Technique to enhance both your vocal and non-verbal performing
- And much more

This introduction to the world of Eccentric Performing is open to performers of all experience levels. Spend a week advancing your craft and refining your act! Check out the link for details!

martin ewen 03-24-14 04:05 PM

If you factor development costs into your overall budget and have funds for this I'd recommend it. Not surprisingly many of the top tier variety performers, have, and continue to develop new work and polish older stuff with Avner.

I'd consider him one of the few master craftsmen in this regard.

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