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Charlie 07-18-14 04:18 PM

Integrating Theatre, Puppetry and Social Conscience


Oct. 6th - Oct. 12th. 2014, Sofia, Bulgaria

A collaboration project between the International Theatre Lab (Norway) and the Department of Puppetry at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (Bulgaria).

OPEN TO actors, performers, students and teachers of acting.

SCHOLARSHIPS: The creative laboratory offers a limited number of scholarships to international candidates with special interest in practical research and socially engaged art. The scholarships cover 50% of expenses around tuition and accommodation.

International Theatre Workshops 2014 present an exciting next chapter in ITL’s ongoing search for new tools – a quest to expand the actor’s expression and enable her/him to create poignant social commentary using the language of theatrical metaphor. Our focus this year will be on puppetry and its capacity to create theatrical ‘signs’ that bear meaning.

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