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Peter 07-23-14 08:43 AM

basic question
OK, I am going on a road trip and will be doing balloon animal busking. Not a problem but the question is when I pull into a town how do I identify places where families are so I can set up and make balloons for tips. I tried a Mall food court and was promptly told to get out by mall security so that's not a good idea.

Thanks for any clues

Scot Free 07-24-14 02:00 PM

perhaps the answer you are looking for is in this book: Only $35 :laugh:

Peter 07-25-14 05:45 AM

That book assumes you are working local and don't travel. I want to work while on the road, say pull into Podunk ID and do some balloon busking to make money. Where are the family hang out spots?

gav 08-28-14 07:10 AM

You do research before you go anywhere. The internet is full of forums where mums and dads discuss places to go with their kids.
If a name of a place comes up more than once, to an image search to see if you can gauge how many people hang out there.

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