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Figo 09-10-14 03:24 PM

Trouble thinking of a closer
So I've taken a big leap for myself and decided to change my show. The build is great and the middle is ...getting there. but my big problem is the finale. my old show my finale trick was 15 min of setup , hat line and big trick (bed of nails big guy standing on me) it worked great and I was proud of it but for the new show I'm finding it hard to find a finale trick that fits. (it's a medicine man circle show) I wanted to do a trick that is my volunteer doing something because of my Elixer's power. but everything seems like an anti climax and is depressing me.

how should i start thinking about the creation of my closer?

are there any obvious finales that I might have forgotten?

should I stick with the finale i have and see if i can make it work?

thanks in advance

Peter 09-12-14 01:56 PM

Any effect can be the closer. I use the chinese rings sometimes or the professor's nightmare where I have the spec cut the ropes.

Figo 09-27-14 07:10 PM

I have heard this over and over but i've never seen anyone do a successful show without a strong finale. now don't get me wrong I've seen follow shows and magic shows and juggling shows but the best shows have a clearly defined start middle and end and the end is the BIG trick show me someone who does a bill switch or a 3 ball catch on the ground for there finale.

Peter 09-28-14 06:59 AM

It is NEVER the effect that is the big thing, it is HOW YOU PERFORM the effect. Any effect can be a closer if performed right.

Figo 09-28-14 07:10 PM

and yet most performers ride a tall uni and juggle fire or knives. most street magicians do the cups and balls with the big load at the end. or the big escape or the ...... insert typical finale here.....

RiffRaff 10-05-14 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by Figo (Post 61416)
I wanted to do a trick that is my volunteer doing something because of my Elixer's power.

Light & heavy chest.

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