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Scholarship - Multidisciplinary Arts Conference in Austria
Make contacts with potential collaborators from different parts of the world - meet award-winning teachers, performers, researchers, academics and practitioners!

International Annual Multidisciplinary Conference
Theatre Between Tradition & Contemporaneity:
Theatre - Dance - Music - Visual & Multimedia Art - Arts Administration -
Performing Arts Training - Theatre Design & Technology

Dates: December 17 - 21, 2015
Location: Retzhof Education Institute - XVth century castle in Austria

The Conference language is English.

Several partial scholarships announced for participants.
Each scholarship covers 200 EUR of the total registration fee.

Scholarship application details & Conference program:

Practical workshops, research presentations, works-in-progress, interactive talks and discussions with performing arts experts: Theatre Biomechanics, traditional masks, Method Acting, contemporary ballet, multicultural and international arts organization, choreodrama, vocal techniques in stage combat, musical theatre, avant-garde Italian futurists, practical writing for theatre and more!

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