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martin ewen 02-07-04 09:37 PM

Link a day keeps sanity at bay

mini mansell 02-08-04 05:42 AM

badger badger

martin ewen 02-08-04 10:23 AM

see you and raise you one

mini mansell 02-08-04 12:20 PM


Julia 02-08-04 07:58 PM

in case you haven't seen it yet, here is a classic:

martin ewen 02-09-04 12:56 PM

Jim 02-09-04 01:28 PM


Martin, your three links had to do with:

1. Urine
2. A penis
3. Urine and fake penises.

You're definitely onto a theme.


martin ewen 02-09-04 01:45 PM

you got it, I'm going to be moving onto death then stupidity, then tadpole humour

Steven Ragatz 02-09-04 02:26 PM

An oldie, but still my all-time fav:

Steven Ragatz

Barry 02-09-04 04:26 PM

sing along, everybody

Doctor Eric 02-09-04 06:06 PM

Check out

"Hey Fag, Go Home Right Now And Do The Jack Off!"

martin ewen 02-09-04 10:49 PM

Lynneski 02-10-04 10:51 AM

If you can't be in Seattle ...

Butterfly Man 02-11-04 03:44 AM

Napoleon Beazley apparently preferred to play with his "Nunzilla" doll rather than eat.

martin ewen 02-11-04 08:30 AM

martin ewen 02-11-04 10:32 PM

Butterfly Man 02-12-04 07:26 PM

martin ewen 02-13-04 12:25 AM

Wow robert, your deep.
Goddamn it, they're servers down

Trevor Rooney 02-15-04 09:26 AM


Any-one who knows Shirley Sunflower will find her voice in this mix.

She is the one with the breif talking parts.


martin ewen 02-16-04 01:59 PM

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