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martin ewen 09-15-04 11:52 AM

why weekends
my question is this.
Given that its a 3/4 day event and
Given most variety performers predominantly are engaged in weekend employment.
What advantage is it to the potential participants to host the event inclusive of a weekend?
Notice I'm deliberately not asking what advantage it might be to the motionfest admin.
I, as a performer who is engaged weekends, am hardly a minority .
Specifically, who gains?

Woofnah 09-15-04 02:35 PM

size DOES matter
MotionFest is like ... a week.

martin ewen 09-15-04 03:49 PM

"Dates_---Workshops begin November 11-14, 2004 with Video Shoot show and social starting 7pm on Wed. Nov 10"
Nov 10 being a wed, workshops being 11th (thurs) to the 14 (Sun)

le pire 09-16-04 12:24 AM

Motionfest is really worth giving up a weekend of work for.

Stretch 09-16-04 07:57 AM

Airfare is usually cheaper if you fly on a Tuesday.

A great event. Wish I could make it in November. Reno was terrific, and January or February better suits my scheduale as it represents a lost week's work in my case.

Getting on and off the stage in your stilts might be problematic however. :(

Since you are on the east coast anyway, the networking opportunities should be awsome.

Besides, won't Avner be there? That is reason enough to go! Even for your jaded self, :D Avner should be a treat.

martin ewen 09-16-04 08:28 AM

You can lead a horse to a piano but you can't make it change a babies nappies
It may well be worth giving up a weekend for but thats irrelevant to the question asked.
once more with clarity.
Why hold a 4 day festival inclusive of a weekend when the majority of participants derive income primarily on weekends.
Why 'give up' anything.
Who gains.
I've been to motionfest, at this time I have no need for motionfest cheerleaders. I'd simply like to understand what considerations led to the scheduling priorities as they stand.

"Airfare is usually cheaper if you fly on a Tuesday."
Thanks stretch, one reason

Drew Richardson 09-16-04 09:39 AM

Just guessing: It's easier to sell out a public show on Saturday than on a weekday.

martin ewen 09-16-04 09:47 AM

Good point but
"Notice I'm deliberately not asking what advantage it might be to the motionfest admin"
I presume thats their revenue stream?
Anyway its not like I'm foaming livid or anything.
I just have a question.

Drew Richardson 09-16-04 09:59 AM

It's all academic anyway. This is the final Motionfest and it's too late to change the dates.

As an attendee, I enjoy seeing a strong show with a full house, and I consider the public show one of the inspiring highlighhts of Motionfest. It reminds me of what is possible.

Personally, the work I've turned down for Motionfest in the past has mostly been weekday work.

UCO 09-16-04 11:49 AM

Final Motionfest, WHY WHY?
Oh hum another reason to drink tonight.

martin ewen 09-16-04 12:19 PM

Academia is all I have left, (sniffle)
Something very much like motionfest will exist if people wish it so.
That said.
-cheap air tickets on tuesdays
-full houses being easier and funner and more educational.

Now I must rush to Harvard to deliver my lecture,
"The pratfall, from its early beginnings in confusing roman snipers to the modern circus's of today."

Woofnah 09-16-04 03:20 PM

And we're off!
At least you have Academia. I don't even have that. *sniffle*

Butterfly Man 09-16-04 04:51 PM

why is Motionfest on weekends
Listen to me you impotent flyswatting mime ... I can only fly free on Mondays ... it takes at least a day to sober up ... another 24 hrs. to score some weed ... then I have to say hello to every goddamn performer wannabe ... that takes me right up until the pathetic workshop I give on begging for chump change on Friday ... then it's whatever that damn Fool guy says, and well, who needs you and your goddamn questions anyway ...

martin ewen 09-16-04 05:04 PM

Gasp..the fangs!...they're shrinking!
Careful now.
I still have my usual vicious heady brew of hormones perculating at their usual molten levels.
Your timing is usually so impeccable Robert but in this case the operations not till tomorrow. I will do my best to hold back but its as pointless as an enrolled wolverine at the gates of a finishing school as the moon rises.
I'll probably make it back from Europe in time and once again spend a night inhaling the industrial carpet cleaning fluids on the floor beneith your bed curled up like a drooling rabid attack gerbil.

PS: Is that a boil on your chin?

Stretch 09-16-04 06:35 PM

You want answers . . .
The ankle braclet doesn't come off until Tuesday. The dry cleaners deliver on Tuesdays. Homeland security. Someone couldn't find a sub to fill in for their gropemeister day job at the airport. Cheap import calender has only a five day week. The voices said to, that's why! 941 taxes are due on the 15th.

Butterfly Man 09-17-04 01:33 PM

Sorry ... yesterday I woke up early 4 am with a tweaked neck ... then got a goddamn fax at 5 ... my ol' lady "short called" to the airport @ 6 (mad dash) ... started drinking as soon as I got home to celebrate my 55th birthday (alone) in this fuckin' town ... looked for some ammo for the Ruger but was out ... so I thought "hell, just insult Martin ... he'll put you out of your misery (one way or another)" ... what was I thinking?

P.S. it's not a boil ... more like a hemorrhoid.

Woofnah 09-17-04 03:48 PM

sometimes I'd like to be someone else, someone with an automatic weapon

what was I thinking?
What? Was I thinking?

wilallyn 11-22-04 11:08 AM

Alright Martin, valid question...

From one who obviously does not spend enough time here, but who is involved behind the scenes.

I don't know.

Well a little. Yes the public show is nice on Saturday, but not required.

Also the street performing live workshop aspect has more potential on the weekend. But these are just justifications.

Yes we are only 4 days, this year 5, six if you count the clowns that stayed for Monday, but usually 4.

So if it were M-Th, you'd be flying/traveling on Sunday and Friday, highest fairs, most traffic, no staying over the weekend discount. If it were T-Fr you'd travel on Monday and Saturday w/similar issues. Maybe that plays in.

Remember 90% of organizers, volunteers, staff and teachers also are performers giving up the weekend, but so what.

Real answer, is that is just what we thought best, sorry if this falls under the thought that you can only please some of Martin some of the time, but it is the best I can do.

By the way, what I like best are people with solutions, not problems...

So if you have a concept that more Martins would approve... post away.


ps glad you made it down

wilallyn 10-29-07 01:15 PM

Valid enough question that caused Minifest to be moved to weekdays in lieu of weekends due to the responses and requests...

Yes we aren't following up on old posts and threads but we are being responsive to the needs of our attendees... during the week...

asd123 01-17-10 08:10 PM

that is enough
to be that

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