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Famos Bramwells 06-14-05 05:43 PM

Twenty bloody years...
So the on the 15th of June I have been street performing for 20 years. It only feels like 30. Have I done long enough do you think? Can I go now?

Peter Voice 06-14-05 06:51 PM

This month marks my 20th year as well.

nick nickolas 06-14-05 08:34 PM

Nice one Paddy ...
The Cool Shades... what a show !! why isn't there shows like that anymore all seems to be hype and height now....
I'm in the 20yr club as well.
The streets... well once your in your in, I 'spose,,,
I still love it though , and still get pissed when it rains,,,

Mr.Taxi Trix 06-15-05 08:55 AM

I'm coming up on nineteen years, but it does feel closer to thirty. Do I get a watch or a volvo or something next year? I have to disagree, though, on entertainment being better than counting rocks.

jester 06-15-05 10:48 AM

20 years
20 Years and you're still on the streets?

Ever thought about selling the Big Issue?

I just passed the 9 year mark. Hooray.

jester 06-15-05 10:53 AM


Originally posted by nick nickolas
.. why isn't there shows like that anymore all seems to be hype and height now....

You old fart! And your picture is soooo fucking cheesy too.

gav 06-15-05 11:34 AM

Congrats to paddy !
I'm at year 15 and still manage to get up the top of that damn pole and do a handstand !
The other day I met Chris Lynam, I think he's been going for quite some time, and he even said he was the first to do the old eat the apple juggle in 1973 !!

jester 06-15-05 03:09 PM


Originally posted by gav
I'm at year 15 and still manage to get up the top of that damn pole and do a handstand.....

Crumbs your right Nick, it is all height and hype.

martin ewen 06-15-05 03:25 PM

I had a thought (post) ooh I just had another (post)
Jester, Nick's about 6 years your junior and had been working a decade before you switched from parcelling entry level data input typists into deadend jobs and snatched the only semi-interesting gig to ever float through your jobcenter for yourself.
Good luck with the humour thing. Helps if you have any/some idea of what your talking about. Otherwise unfortunately you just end up looking like a pillock.
Nick started working when he was 12 or younger and learnt lots of valuable lessons, performance and otherwise, from some hardcore oldschool geezers.
I'm actually writing his unauthorised biography at the moment.
'Nick Nickolas...Chalkdust in my dacs.'
Thats just the working title.
I'll probably end up calling it.
'Genuis' or "How to drink like a fish while palming other's livers to survive."

Lynneski 06-15-05 04:33 PM

Count me in, in kindof a way. The solstice marks the 20th anniversary of the first festie I had a hand in producing.

Geezers unite! Well done all. I get the easy side of things.

Dan The One Man Band 06-15-05 05:32 PM

I agree with Martin, he does look like a pillock.

June of 1990 is when Dan formed the One Man Band and started stomping the pavement.
At first it was "Dan and Some Other Guy" (Sog for short),
That soon fell apart, Sog had to go, and the band became
"Dan the One Man Band".
A lot of people think I'm a control freak...

Dan the One Man Band

jester 06-16-05 04:10 PM

So! 9 Years and I'm better than all of ya!
Good Luck with your life Martin. Get on with it - get over me.

Nick, 20 years, well done. I look forward to the authorised biography. 20 years. You've done the time well done. Congratulations.

I have not done the time yet. I do not pine for the old days when the streets were safer and the hats were bigger and the show men were real showmen with real muscles. I am older than nick in life, but younger in performance and far younger in looks (jugding by that curly mullet and that self congratulatory cheesy grin that only a magician with three doves wrigging up his arse can perform to such Narcisistic effect.)

Where I live street performance comes in many forms and varying quality - there's some bloody good ones and some lousy performers - it's not all hype and height and it hasn't all been done before - although many old farts try to tell me that it has. Nor have I seen it all yet. Every year I see somebody do something utterly fantastic and new, I haven't seen it all yet and I'm not going to close my eyes and allow the onset of tired old fartism.

Maybe in eleven years I will scoff at the youngsters and the newbies but for now I will look up to the people who have worked on the streets longer than I have and I shall learn off them as I go along. I shall listen to their tales of great past masters - the ones who could take a joke in the days before performers dot net.

Honestly, I congratulate you all.

jester 06-16-05 04:36 PM

Re: thought(post)

Originally posted by Dan The One Man Band
I agree with Martin, he does look like a pillock.

Of course I do. That's what makes the joke non offensive and makes it a joke. I am a fucking fool. A pillock! A Twat! So when I insult Nick it is obvious to almost (but obviously not quite) all that there is no serious foundation in my insult and therefore there is no need for anyone to take offence.

GEDDIT! DO yA! Fucking MUSO.

Famos Bramwells 06-16-05 05:23 PM

Now listen, basically I started this thread for a number of reasons, to announce the 20th anniversary of my first ever street show and the beginning of my career as a professional performer, to invite comments and memories, to encourage a chat about about the careers and experiences of others and then to talk about me again, me, me, me.
Wierdly I didn't have the idea that a couple of saddoes would wander in and continue the bickering that has kept them alive for the last couple of years. It's like going around a big beautiful house during a party and having two old women going from room to room following you for no other reason than to have a go at each other while you are trying not to listen. I don't want you to leave, just change the subject, or at least have a look at the title of this thread and use it as guide.

martin ewen 06-16-05 05:35 PM

I had a thought (post) ooh I just had another (post)
I've been a street performer for 22 and a half years and I'd just like to remind everyone that I'm a very successful international clown. (who prefers gardening)
Thank you.

MillerMagic 06-17-05 10:26 AM

I hear you Famos,, it's not an AA meeting

jester 06-17-05 10:40 AM

I've been a street performer for 9 years and I don't think I need to remind anyone just how bloody marvellous I am at what I do.

I hope that by the time I've done 20 years both of my legs will have fully healed and instead of merely rubbing shoulders with the best of the best, I shall be once again towering above them.

I have actually seen Famos perform many years ago and when I spoke breifly to him afterwards he wasn't very keen to talk to a curious punter who wanted to talk to him about him him him then, so why the hell should I talk about him now?

However I shall. He was the first performer I ever saw who had nothing I wanted to steal.


Guy 06-17-05 10:51 PM

Well Done Paddy 20 years is fantastic! You and Pepe were by far my biggest influences during the time I spent at the Garden. I thank you for making me a better performer. Your humour is intelegent, your props are minimal and you don't have to dress up like a twat.
By the way this is my 18th year! Can I have a drink now?

Famos Bramwells 06-18-05 07:18 PM

Thank you for that Guy, how very lovely, and yes you can have drink as long as it as margherita (bloody Key West). Say hello to Will Soto from me, its only been about fifteen years, he may remember. Even though you are in the land of the palm tree I can still make you jealous... I'm off to Glastonbury in a couple of days. Ha!
Hello Jester, may I apologise for not wanting to talk to you straight after a show some years ago, I am not very good with conversation just after I have come off and if I appeared a little brusque you must forgive and then maybe get over it. And thankyou for not wanting to steal any of my stuff. None of it is juggling related so maybe you couldnt find anywhere to fit it in. Wierdly I have no desire to steal anyone's material, umm because it's theirs. Chill out.

ALAKAZAM 06-18-05 09:21 PM

Don't people have fist fights anymore,jesus guys,it's so pussy to shoot your mouth on the internet,why don't you just meet up and throw down.
By the way paddy congrats,i'm sure there are jokes in my show have come from someone who got them from someone who got them from you.So cheers to you for being awesome.

I'm on my tenth year......i can hardly believe it myself.

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