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dave walbridge 04-08-06 05:02 PM

So...Next mini-motionfest?
Probably years away, but....inquiring minds want to know


Michael Rosman 04-10-06 12:32 AM

MiniFest 2006...I might know a bit about it!!!
But I an't talking yet.

Stay tuned.

What are you doing to further your career while your friends and competitors come to MotionFests and MiniFests?

Michael Rosman
Director of Laughter Arts Foundation...a 501 (c) 3 that produces the premier professional development conferences for variety entertainers.

Jason Kollum 04-19-06 10:17 AM

I think I may perhaps be interested in the next Motion or MiniFest, whichever one is available. And of course, pending the time available and finances.

MotionFest 2003 in Baltimore was good, though I think I attended a bit before I was ready and could really benefit from it.

Jason Kollum

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