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Michael Rosman 06-23-06 02:36 AM

First 2 MiniFest teachers finally confirmed!
Watch this space for MiniFest will be released very soon.

There is a new MiniFest website, and the old MotionFest will soon be repaired, and thenew MiniFest teachers have been confirmed. All the details will be released soon.

And registration will open soon as well.

Last year people were signing up before we even announced who the teachers were going to be!

Once again MiniFest will be capped at a certain number of attenees.

Nov 7-10 are the dates, with most people arriving the evening of the 6th.

See you then!

Michael Rosman

Board member of Laughter Arts Foundation
also the producer of MotionFest
also the person who killed (retired) MotionFest
also the Producer of MiniFest (which replaced MotionFest)
also a comedy performer
also a Dad

dave walbridge 07-05-06 03:02 PM

And....when do we get to find out?

Michael Rosman 07-05-06 05:52 PM

very very soon. just waiting for a few tweaks to be made to both the new and old sites.


mark the dates though...

Nov 7-10 with most people arriving on the 6th

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