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Michael Rosman 07-31-06 02:27 PM

It's Time! MiniFest registration is open
MiniFest Registration is now open !!!

Nov 7-10 2006 with optional arrival on the evening of the 6th.

"a really heartfelt thank you to everyone for one of the best times and greatest learning experiences I've ever had.
MotionFest was great. MiniFest is even greater!" ---Patrick Cashin (professional entertainer and alum of MotionFest 1, 2, 4, 6, 7 and MiniFest 2006)

MiniFest is a professional development conference for professional variety entertainers. Unlike MotionFest, the conference it replaces, MiniFest caps the number of attendees for a more intimate and valuable experience.

Intensive workshops this year include physical comedy by Hilary Chaplain and numerous presentations by Raspyni Brother Dan Holzman including comedy writing for variety entertainers, attaining your goals, and directing.

MiniFest will be held at the beautiful Pearlstone Conference Center in Baltimore County.

Visit to learn details on the teachers, the location, the registation process etc.

MiniFest was created by the people who produced the 'retired' MotionFest. To learn more about the produceers, see lists of past teachers and attendees, visit

Donít wait, Space is limited.

Feel free to contact us with questions
Send a quick email if you intend to come.
410.627.0669 (Michael)

MiniFest is produced by the Laughter Arts Foundation a 501 ( c ) 3 non profit.

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