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Matt Baker 10-03-06 08:30 PM

Northwest Variety Artist Forum!
If you live on the West Coast or you can't get to Mini Fest there is miniture version of Mini Fest in Seattle on Nov 12th!

Created by Matt Baker of the Brothers from Different Mothers, the
Northwest Variety Artist Forum serves to unify professional variety artists in the Northwest. The NWVAF mission is to create an outlet for performers to collaborate, perform, or get feedback on an act, promo materials, or anything in-between.

This year's forum is a one night only intensive held on November 12th.
Performers will each have 15 minutes devoted to them that can be used however they wish: performance critiquing, discussion, brainstorming, writing or any combination thereof. We have slots for 12-15 entertainers and slots will be on a first e-mail first serve basis. In addition to your peers there will be a live audience of 40 non-entertainers who will be able to give you feedback in written form.

If you are interested in attending please e-mail: to make arrangements.

NWVAF Information:

Where: The Christoff Art Gallery (Georgetown)
When: Nov 12th
Time: 8:00 p.m. to????
Address: 6004 12th Ave S. Seattle Washington
Fee: $15 for performers and $5 for audience
Contact: Matt Baker 206-909-3506 or

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