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The Amazing Beaumanz 10-31-06 06:44 PM

My prayers are with you Mike
It's not official, the search is on as I type....

Michael Patrick, an escape artist from Key West, a very good friend, and a great entertainer is missing after jumping in the water off Mallory Square in his jacket and chains. On the Anniversary of Houdini's death.

Michael, I love you man!!! In Heaven all the hats are fat, there are no drunk hecklers, and all sunsets are beautiful. RIP brother.


Jim 10-31-06 08:57 PM

Any more news on this? I'm not finding anything on the web.

The Amazing Beaumanz 10-31-06 09:37 PM

the search has been called off. no body has been found. i will post more as i find things out.

FreeCells 10-31-06 09:52 PM

Im a crafter down at Mallory Square. I was there today when Michael went in the water. He didn't set up his full rig tonight, his tripod needed to be welded, it was broken. So he didn't bring it. He just brought a small bag and one strait jacket. He didn't even bring his sewn shorts (his hat) for tips. After he got his strait jacket on, he asked his crowd what they wanted him to do, one girl in front said "jump in the water" Michael said, "yea you'd like that wouldn't you?" then he acted as though he was going to jump in the water. Thrusting his body towards the water then stopped and turned around to the crowd he asked, "do you want me to go in on this side or that side" turning his head from shoulder to shoulder. Then with one step backwards he jumped in... the entire crowd thought it was part of the act... waiting for him to come out of the water word got out that he jumped in.. Other performers knowing that it wasn't a part of his act started looking for his body, two jumped in the water to look for him while all people, performers, and crafters looked from above. Joseph (silver man) was one of the performers who jumped in making dives down to the ocean floor with no results... I didn't catch who the other person was... Helicopters circling, police cars everywhere on the dock, lifeguard and police boats filled with pro divers combing the ocean floor... 2 and a half hours and nothing... the undertow was great... his body went far in a hurry. After 3 hours, it looked as though everyone quit looking and went home... the divers came in and undressed, the helicopters left, the cops left... and then I left. Someone told me they saw a tourist record the whole thing on video, but that tourist wasn't found... Many believe it was a suicide... no hat for tips, and is was Houdini's death anniversary (Michael's idol). I personally like to believe he tripped as he was acting like he was going to go in (just to get a larger crowd) but I don't understand why he didn't have his hat (shorts)... Maybe it was a suicide, I don't know.... but there it is... thats what happened.

Jim 10-31-06 10:08 PM

Thanks for your report, FreeCells. (I'm going to delete your other thread and stick with this one.)

Damn, what a sad, strange story. Does anyone know what was going on in his life before this happened? Was it bad times for him?

The Amazing Beaumanz 10-31-06 10:12 PM

Not suicide (i hope)
Michael and I spoke about a trip he just got back from a couple of weeks ago in L.A. He attended Cannon's 4th Annual Escape Convention. He told me that not only did he get to meet Chris Angel (which I have a photo of the two), that he to some classes involving underwater escape.

I know Michael loved life, and loved Leana probably more that life.

I hope that he didn't carry the "pants" to work tonight because he probably rode his bike to Mallory.

He was looking forward to moving from Key West to L.A. and was asking me about another pitch to work for the winter.

I had a great time last week hangin' with him and everyone there.

I think he really thought he could do it. Michael was very enthusiastic about his craft. Many people don't know about the beautiful props he had had his house that never made it to his stage. He had a 55 gallon drum escape in his closet that was amazing.

My deepest condolences to his family.

Will Soto was the other entertainer in the water. I spoke with him a little bit ago and he is terribly shaken up. As am I.

FreeCells 10-31-06 10:34 PM

That would make sense if he didn't bring his pants because he rode his bike, I hope that is the case. Then, if he meant to jump in the water knowing he could make the escape, it's very possible that the undertow carried his body out far, and after he escaped, had to swim back, and by then everyone gave up looking for his body... Then I'll see him tomorrow hopefully. Now that would be great!... He might have been confident in making the escape but didn't know how strong the undertow was. Thanks Dallas! Great hope!

Peter Voice 10-31-06 10:39 PM

How many hours has he been missing?

USA BREAK DANCERS 11-01-06 03:46 AM

We are hoping this is just a gimmick but if it's not we offer our condolences to Mike's love one's and may God bless his soul.

jesus 11-01-06 06:31 AM

From the Keys News Site
Here is the text from the Keys News Site:
Straitjacketed artist jumps into gulf, disappears
KEY WEST Authorities did not know late Tuesday whether a Mallory Square performer who went off the pier in a straitjacket was dead from a stunt gone wrong or alive somewhere, having perpetrated a Halloween hoax

here is the link:
It seems you have to regester for the site.

Rick Martin 11-01-06 07:17 AM

Here's a little more of the newspaper:

The Amazing Beaumanz 11-01-06 09:52 AM

Just got off the phone with Will Soto. He's leaning towards a hoax. God I hope so!!!

His car is missing
His dog is missing
His bike is missing

Mike if you're alive, man up!! Alot of people who care about you are really worried.

Alot of other things are making us and the authorities think you pulled off your greatest stunt!!

The Amazing Beaumanz 11-01-06 10:37 AM

new update
Will Soto just phoned again and it's not official, but he was told that Michael called the police dept. from an undisclosed location and said is is o.k.

I hope so!!!!

Jim 11-01-06 10:58 AM


Don't fake your death. It's rude.

If you're going to fake your death, you have to NEVER come back. Disappear and start a new life.

Don't call in the next day and say "Ha ha, I'm OK. It was a hoax. Sorry for the trouble. Please don't send me a bill for the Coast Guard helicopters and navy seal divers who went looking for me."

jesus 11-01-06 01:46 PM

Here is an update from a Florida TV stations site:

gav 11-01-06 02:18 PM

I like a good prank but you shouldn't piss off the police when you are a street performer. Believe me I know. I'm about to go to court for the incident where the police assaulted me 4 months ago.

The Amazing Beaumanz 11-01-06 02:19 PM

Michael, I know at some point you are gonna read this thread. I can only hope that by then, you will realize how many of your "friends" you have hurt. Sharon and I spent the whole night worrying about you. We kept constant contact with Jeep and Will and they too were upset.

Good luck with everything that comes from your stunt, i'm sure the legal issues will be huge.


FreeCells 11-01-06 02:25 PM

I think he expected to come up right away after he got out of the strait jacket... then the undertow took him out so far that he was swimming back even after they quit looking for his body... He's not the type of person that's out to hurt anybody so I believe something didn't go as planned. I donno... I can't wait to find out the real story when I talk to him next. I'm just very glad he's found. And much better... alive.

carry on carry on folks, nothing to see here

The Amazing Beaumanz 11-01-06 02:29 PM

here it is......
I just called Michaels phone and he answered!! He's upset and apologetic at they way "he had to do it". He was sitting at the KWPD and being questioned.

I asked "Michael what the fuck was that?"

His reply " One helluva escape!!"

Thank God you're alive, keep in touch I wanna hear more.


jeep caillouet 11-01-06 03:52 PM

mallory square
At the key house tonite we were informed micheal was in custody. We were told that he was 86ed 24-7 by the city from mallory permanently. As I look now before work on he has not been charged or arrested. Jeep performer,board member, sunset celebration.

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