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Michael Rosman 11-02-06 01:17 AM

Water escape workshop added to MiniFest
Due to sudden interest, MiniFest is pleased to offer a workshop on water escapes

Some notes:
Extra cost for this workshop will be $5010. per person. $10 of the fee will be for supplies. $5000 of the fee will go to springing workshop teacher. This class will only be held if 10 people pre-pay their fee immediately.

Workshop will cover development of a 'killer' idea for stunt, experienced students will work on ideas for stunts that bring out press coverage (print and television), super advanced students will work on ideas that bring out press AND rescue units. Emphasis will be on develpment and execution of the 'killer idea'

Note: this workshop ends with the development of the 'killer stunt idea.' Thought process for planning details after the stunt such as notifying friends, risking lives of rescuers, impact on other performers, etc will not be covered in this workshop.

workshop attendees are encouraged to bring bathing suits, dounce caps, and a dime for the one phone call to be place upon successful completion of workshop.

Lets hope workshop leads to nothing more than one helluva no real negative consequesnces for the KW buskers.

There will be an attorney on site at MiniFest to answer questions about contracts, copyright and trademark laws, collecting judgements, and other issues relevant to performers.

Let me know if I need to get a bail bondsman on site as well. Alan 'Silver Man Statue' Marco can you get here? We might need you.

The Amazing Beaumanz 11-09-06 10:29 AM

Yes that's right, one of my performers, is a bondsman. He's a great guy and a pretty damn good statue also!!!

Michael Rosman 11-11-06 12:25 AM

If he is a bondsman and a statue, I am betting my handcuffs (the Victoria Secret ones) that he the one and only Alan Marco.

Tell him I said hello. Regards to his lovely wife and son as well.


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