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Richard 08-28-07 11:52 AM

Re: zing!

Originally posted by Evan Young
You're welcome...though that wasn't my intent. Maybe someone could move that flame here or anywhere else.

Evan Young 08-28-07 12:19 PM

re: re: zing!
hehe, I know Richard, it's hilarious. You wrote a great kid heckler line and wound up opening back up an amazing flame thread!!!! about punching performers!!!! And then taxi said "blow me". I love it!

so, stop being such soft soled mid west flower boy; there is no real reason to apologize, the thread was already soiled. And just for affect, Fuck You anyway. And fuck that Peter guy from Milford OH, he's clearly a raging asshole. next time he comes through Lancaster PA I'm going to hunt him down and punch him in the face!

*Please note implied sarcastic undertones.

Richard 08-28-07 02:36 PM

Hell I never apologized for anything. Just glad to contribute with out having to give Karl another BJ.

Evan Young 08-28-07 02:57 PM


Originally posted by Richard
Hell I never apologized for anything. Just glad to contribute with out having to give Karl another BJ.
I guess you don't like peanut butter as much as I do.

Mr.Taxi Trix 08-28-07 03:27 PM

Both of you, blow me.

martin ewen 08-28-07 06:27 PM

Ta da dum ta da dum,hark yonder blackknight approaches, winny winny [but a really really butch winny winny] [sound of ominous jangling of bits, bridle and stirrups as knight dismounts]

Sun is absorbed into armour creating visible vortex.

Lifts visor.speaks..

"Oh hello chaps,I'd planned a picnic but sadly have no strudel,not too fussy about the quality, any meat here?"

Butterfly Man 08-28-07 10:09 PM

Robert says :
None shall pass!

martin ewen 08-28-07 11:07 PM

Heh heh, "look out,behind you" sidestep scuttle.
That easy.

i'm back.

Butterfly Man 08-29-07 03:00 AM

You've been warned...
Ouch... it's just a flesh wound.

You are not excused for your wanton abandonment.

The Irish are not to blame

The Chinese are not to blame.

You are to blame.

Shame on you ... you will never see your shoes again.

Doctor Eric 08-29-07 11:48 AM

You guys interrupted my goat porn for THIS?!
Really. That's it?

P. Net's lost it's punch, and the only life you stale fuck's can breathe into it is Taxi grunting "blow me" in the corner (not a chance by the way, last time I blew a Karl, I got a staph infection in my cancre sore), and these two old estrogen-addled pussies limply squabbling in the dirt with palsied hands while shooting furtive, and embarrassingly homoerotic glances at each other, fueled more by fear of their own spouses rather than any sort of sexual appeal.

I'm sorely disappointed.

martin ewen 08-29-07 01:20 PM

"I'm sorely disappointed."

What's new? :)

Doctor Eric 08-29-07 01:47 PM

Apparently Martin won't be baited, at least not by a little worm like me.....


martin ewen 08-29-07 01:56 PM

Jesters on ignore,the only one. I gave that man the best years of my life.

As with me, life baits you Eric. You+Robert are my bestist disgruntlement engineers.

I try not to devour my own kind.

Luckily that leaves the vast majority of the worlds pop to fuck with.

Doctor Eric 08-29-07 02:12 PM

Now there's an interesting thought.

Theoretically, if you WERE to devour your own kind, and subsist entirely on a diet of your own subspecies, what are the chances that you'd eventually incubate a form of encephalitis known as "Mad Mime's Disease"....?

er, wait a minute... Martin, what the !@#? HAVE you been eating?

Rachel Peters 08-29-07 04:08 PM

I'm pretty sweet. And sacrificial. I'd offer myself as bait, but I'm too sweet to know what to say.

...doody head?

FireNix 08-29-07 06:40 PM

Crucifiction - too good for 'em I say
Bah - Sacrificial
Martyrdoms too good (or bad) for you Rachael.
You should be tied to your sheep skin chair and forced to type endlessly. The pain in your arms acting as self-flagellation.....oh wait you are!!..
and self-flagellation's a good thing for the weak at heart Christian, where as most of the rest of us have to pay good money!
(and no im not going down that route again!!)

Rachel Peters 08-29-07 07:15 PM

(hanging my head)
yes, sir.

excruciating tendonitis........ healing.

and stop spelling my name wrong!!

le pire 08-29-07 11:46 PM

answer to the original question...


le pire 08-30-07 12:25 AM

since you mentioned him...
I know Jonathan will get this... I don't know how many of you stupid americans will:

Peter Voice 08-30-07 03:42 AM

"Oh no, pls don't steal his shoes, Robert" I cry whilst wondering if Martin ever played tennis. "It isn't worth the ransom".

PS Etienne, être non tout Américain. Vous savez, vous ne devriez pas intimider des personnes plus petites que vous. Désolé au sujet du mauvais Français

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