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jeep caillouet 08-30-07 09:42 AM

Peter that's telling him! I'd say as long as we have you keeping guard here P. net has not lost it's punch.

Butterfly Man 08-30-07 01:55 PM

how many stupid americans does it take to ...
"I wish I could fly right up to the sky but I'm a cunt."

le pire 08-30-07 08:21 PM

Pnet has definately lost it's punch, but not in the "flame wars" sense. I'm sure the insults will fly again this winter when street performers are all out of work and huddle around their computers to vent their frustrations at a world that won't listen on each other.


The way everyone is using the internet is changing. Back when Pnet started people logged in to various forums to meet new people and make new friends. That's exactly what happened here. It was great, we all virtually met many many people who shared our interests and our world grew. I know mine did. It was great meeting people in person that I had originally met through this forum and others.

Now, people are using the internet to continue in the virtual world their relationships in the actual world. Instant messaging is what it is all about.

It's sad, but people are no longer turning to forums like pnet for communication with new, amazing people. Instead they are opting to IM their immediate circle of friends.

Has Pnet lost it's punch? Yes, but I still love this place.


p.s. Peter, merci pour faisant l'effort d'ecrire en francais.

Peter Voice 08-30-07 08:48 PM

Il mio piacere

Rachel Peters 08-30-07 10:11 PM

im not typing this
One of these days I'll have to spice things up by telling the story of how I spent today exploring every inch of a dark, abandoned strip club and its stained "rooms for rent" by flash light.
It was really exciting.

But not now. Firenix will yell at me for typing. And rightly so.

(But seriously, all I kept thinking was, "If Iwere in a horror movie right now... this is where I would die.")

Peter Voice 09-11-07 08:17 AM

There's been a gerkin lurkin'. Wot's happenin', Weasel?

Lynneski 09-11-07 08:41 AM

I could use some gold
Leave this bale of straw over yonder by the spinning wheel, and see what happens ....

Butterfly Man 09-12-07 01:42 PM

Juggle your Assos off

One of these days I'll have to spice things up by telling the story of how I spent today exploring every inch of a dark, abandoned strip club and its stained "rooms for rent" by flash light.

Rachel Peters 09-14-07 10:54 AM

Yup. That'll be me when my friend buys the place and renovates it into a women's transitional housing project. ...only I don't juggle clubs because I've hurt my boobs too many times. I'm club shy.

That was the best real estate tour I've EVER been on -- the stuff movies are made from.

But apparently there's asbestos in the basement. well as an enormous beer cooler that could double as a mob interrogation room. No one would hear you scream.

(and I meant clubs as in juggling clubs. ...not strip clubs. but I don't juggle those either.)

martin ewen 11-25-14 01:14 AM

Came across this 7 year old conversation.

harmonicakev 12-04-14 09:43 PM

I do miss Rumple!

martin ewen 12-17-14 09:18 PM

Rumple has been living out of his car for about a year. He's in LA for reasons only he knows. He's been offered a gig in Bristol as a MC but it wasn't solid enough for him. He hasn't worked hardly at all for a year.

The year before though he did heaps of Ren faires. The reports I got were because he can't take direction. [ie, stop handing your phone to patrons for pics.] he wasn't seen as a team player and dropped. Which is a shame because the ren faires are a solid annual income.

anyway..he's in the venal heartless center of the universe waiting for something miraculous to happen while one hand turns into a claw via carpal tunnel.

I had him out here in Hawaii about a year ago. Just put up an interview with him in the library.

Peter 12-18-14 01:21 AM

Then the silly ass better learn why he is in the hurts and make some self corrections

martin ewen 12-18-14 03:51 AM

Rumples entire life has been one of mild discomfort punctuated by emergencies and 72 hour shows. He's simply immune to carrot and stick behaviour. He pretends to worry sometimes but anyone who knows him, from people who have just met him to long term friends worry more about him than he ever does himself. He's used to it. He used to visit countries behind the iron curtain simply by walking up to a guntoting guard in his costume and pointing across the border at a castle and saying "I like castles." He's spent more time sleeping in hedges than any of us dare comment on over 20 years while also working for cirque. Corrections imply there's something wrong. There's nothing wrong with Rumple. Sometimes the universe can't keep up is all. Celebrate him, feel sorry for the shitty civilisation he has to work with. Plus he's a goose.

Gregory Rush 04-29-15 10:59 AM

haaa haaa haaa haa , I love it, I always go to the very end of a forum, all I see
is three posts by Martin, brilliant posts. I have been out of the loop for a but.
raising and training a new , well my first dog. Every time I start to type
she starts whining to go out then talking like a street corner rambler, I could
explain later how, it has to do with things the Cat act guy taught me in Key West.
Check out my latest dry humor on my FB page its my name or /starkrush.
Longest sentence she said so " I wanna come in thar" my room"
OK well part of the training is of course, good girl and always being impressed
saying things like, still cant believe it a talking talking again?
What are you talking about? Until she forms it better :)

The point of my post? Well I logged on to see new posts of course.
I realized today I might actually NEED a partner, to say the least a roadie be awesome, a study, protégé, hell maybe I just need a robot or motorized prop cart
Please no corrections from muted voices I will if I decide to post in the ah hem,,,appropritate area, nothing to see here, move along move along no please do not take the red ball and leather strap out of your mouth it is there for a reason, just go!

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