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mini mansell 10-28-07 10:43 AM

difficulot moral question
i reciently did a gig through an agency. the gig was great and the agency treat me well so i was happy.

during the gig the client told me that they had been very unhappy with the agency and would not be using that agency again.

they asked for my details.

i said they should go through the agent for 12 months.

they repeated. they would never use that agency again.


do i forward my promo to the client or not?


Marcus Wilson 10-28-07 03:26 PM

If it was me I would talk to the agent about the situation and suggest that I work directly with the client and then send the agent there cut.

I find as long as I am up front with people I can usually work something out.

Rachel Peters 10-28-07 03:39 PM

And I think the agent needs to understand that you're not stealing the client from him, since the client already made the decision to not work with the agent anymore. So whether you take work from the client or not, it will would make no difference to the agent anymore.

Chris Griffith 10-28-07 06:02 PM

I would wait 12 months, then send the promo with a nice card.

Lee Nelson 10-28-07 06:59 PM

the truth will set you free
talk to your agent. Be up front and honest about what the client said to you. You can tell alot about the agent by the way they react. If they are reasonable humans they would be happy for you to pursue your own path with the client if the client is never going to use them again. They should definately be happy if you gave them a cut of future work, that is if they are reasonable.
However, the agent could also tell you that this is a trick that this client is famous for pulling on artists.
You never know.

Just be honest and totally up front in your business dealings with client and agent and youll will totally know what you have to do by the way people react!

Thats my two cents worth!

mini mansell 10-28-07 07:04 PM


never thought of that.

there is always a possibility the client is trying to save 15% by cutting the agent out of the picture.

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