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Daniel Mooncalf 02-18-08 03:21 PM

Hat Line lie.
At a recent festival. I noticed a few people who previously didn't, started using "god bless you." as their last hat line.

Do you think that this could help net more tips? Even if you don't mean it?

Rachel Peters 02-18-08 05:33 PM

Speaking as a Christian, having lived in the sub-culture nearly all my life as the child of a pastor and having seen the inner workings and guts of "Christian book stores", festivals and events, I can say that Christians will eat up a LOT and will spend money on crap, whether it be bull or not, if it has even the possibility of being "Christian". Especially in America. They will buy the Cathy Lee Gifford devotional booklet at four times its normal price because it's labeled "Christian".

Now, if it WAS genuine and the performer were praying that God (or to whomever they may be praying) bless the crowd with money to put in the HAT, that could possibly help them as well!

Patrick Kelly 02-18-08 05:49 PM

It won't help, because the religious (and the French) don't tip.

If the religious do tip it's always wrapped inside of some garbage that you have to throw away, like a Cathy Lee Gifford booklet. This is good in a way because you can be aware of those trying to steal your soul.

Rachel Peters 02-18-08 05:53 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Good point.

Stretch 02-18-08 06:53 PM

Which religious?
Puritan Christian? Quaker? Buddhist, Hindu? Catholic? Pagan? Baptist? Think of Elmo's Methodist! HA! Which Religion indeed!

Rachel Peters 02-18-08 07:18 PM

I know a lot of people who are religiously atheist!

Religious: adj. scrupulously faithful.

....and waaaaaaait a minute..... I DO tip well! But then, I'm not "religious people ".

Patrick Kelly 02-18-08 07:39 PM


Rachel Peters 02-18-08 07:49 PM

Very German. ...which also does not make sense of the good tips.

gav 02-19-08 01:14 AM

Germans give good tips. Some of my biggest hats have been in Germany.

I think people who say god bless you as a money line are losers if they don't actually believe in what they are saying.
I doubt it helps.

Lee Nelson 02-19-08 01:47 AM

say what the people want to hear I think.
If you are in the bible belt, pretend to be christian, whats wrong with using a blessing that is common to all. Its better to smile and agree with people than be accosted by god botherers trying to make your mind up for you.
If your playing a festival in a non religious area its going to turn people off your hat if you mention God.
Whats so different from all the other lies we tell every show we make anyhow. In my show if you took my jokes literally I have been married seven times, divorced eight and found true love with a leather clad Gerbil called Clive.
It aint true! Its also a little bit debateable whether its what the people want to hear but from experience they dont seem to mind


Mr Qwirk 02-19-08 03:18 AM


It won't help, because the religious (and the French) don't tip.
Im not sure what French youre talking about, but ive had some of my best 'performances' in France, and the tipping was better than other parts of western europe.

Patrick Kelly 02-19-08 04:55 AM

Were you performing for the French , or were you performing for the tourist in France?
I've never performed in Europe, only in America.
Maybe it's just the French that come to America.

Lee Nelson 02-19-08 05:38 AM

this is getting off a fun thread but...
The problem most people have with the French is that they love there language and do not reward English speaking acts. French and silent acts do very well in front of an arts loving and generous community,.
Dont blame the French for loving their culture and language, blame the performer for not adapting..
Anyhow, lets go back to talking about god!!!

Patrick Kelly 02-19-08 06:02 AM

As I stated, I'm in America. If I have 3 or 4 French people in my crowd I should adapt to them? If I have a few French people in my crowd then I may also have a few Germans, Italians, British, or whatever. And I should adapt to the 3 or 4 people that don't tip?

I'll shut up now and you guys can talk about your God.

Lee Nelson 02-19-08 06:20 AM

If you want more money you should!

Amazing what one sentence can do.

I dont believe in God, only me.

Patrick Kelly 02-19-08 06:41 AM

I disagree. You are more likely to add $ to your hat by adding a line that appeals to 30 or 40 than you are by adding a line that appeals to 3 or 4.

Nabber 02-19-08 10:40 PM

Ah on the hat line I find myself as a performer get better tips using "Karma you give good you get good in return"
But then I'm sometimes thought of as a tree hugging hippy. It really appplies to most religious peoples and also the the artistie types. because it is like the line from the bible "yah reap what yah sow"
Anyway that my pins worth


Chad 04-27-08 10:27 PM

"God bless you" sounds like you're reacting just after somebody has sneezed...I don't think it belongs in ANY act or series of hat lines...because it's too bland.

I believe in God, as I understand Him/Her and I include a God statement at the end of my show: "Go with God and enjoy our day, this present".

It's not a hat line, nor is it an attempt to preach...just a saying I like, and one that has special meaning for me. It may increase my hats, but I doubt it...more likely it pisses of the non-spiritually minded, which is more than likely making up the majority of my crowd.

To be honest I'd drop it in a heart-beat if I thought it lessened my hats...I'm not out there to preach the good word of the Lawd, I'm out there to make money and enjoy my art.

I keep in it because I have a group's attention for a brief moment and I want to share a moment of peace before we all go our separate ways. Dunno if brining up God is a way to inspire peace...chew on that and break out into discussion groups now if you like

...but my line is a shy bit smaller than tossin' out the Loving Kindness Meditation...and doesn't reek of incense and shrooms (not that I'm against incense and shrooms:D )

Butterfly Man 04-28-08 11:54 AM

How to turn infallibility into income
We should ask the Pope ... after all, he has some amazing hat lines.

CutThroat 07-01-09 11:08 PM

I absolutely DESPISE getting religious bullshit in my hat.

It's insulting, and rude.

If it came with a dollar or two inside, I wouldn't mind, but it NEVER does. Ever.

Way to make me give a fuck about your religion. Ass holes. Stingy, entertainment sponging, unapreciative, selfish, ass holes.

They know damn well that that is where money goes, and they choose to fill my hat with insulting drivel.


Stephon 07-02-09 01:00 AM

How about, "Go with God but leave your money with me"?

CutThroat 07-02-09 01:02 AM


Originally Posted by Stephon (Post 54348)
How about, "Go with God but leave your money with me"?


Butterfly Man 07-02-09 02:26 PM

Do you believe this shit?
Taoism: Shit happens
Confucianism: Confucius say, “shit happens”
Buddhism: If shit happens, it isn't really shit
Zen: What is the sound of shit happening?
Hinduism: This shit has happened before
Islam: If shit happens, it is the will of Allah
Jehovah's Witness: Let me in, I'll tell you why this shit happens
Protestantism: Hope this shit happens to someone else
Judaism: Why does this shit always happen to me?
Catholicism: If shit happens, you deserve it
Agnosticism: What is this shit?
Atheism: I don't believe this shit

Lee Nelson 07-02-09 03:35 PM


Schuyler 07-03-09 12:04 AM

"They say that Jesus died for your sins. I'm just doing it for your entertainment dollar".

I really wish I'd thought of that first.

martin ewen 07-03-09 07:34 AM

Satan commands you to pay me now.
works for me.

Butterfly Man 07-03-09 03:36 PM

Before you go you must ask yourseives...
What would Jesus give?

elbonko 07-03-09 11:13 PM

probably some crap like "everlasting life."

well, i'll take a fiver, thank you very much.

Stephon 07-04-09 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by Butterfly Man (Post 54359)
What would Jesus give?

Small change; he holds out a fist full of coins and anything smaller than a quarter just falls thru the hole.

jared 07-05-09 10:24 AM

I wouldn't do it for a general crowd, but I agree with just saying what they want to hear. I think if you see a religious tourist group with WWJD shirts and crosses, then saying a little line about jesus here and there might help you. Last weekend was pride week here in nyc, so I spent a little time here and there to badmouth the other guy in the park that was waving a bible and trying to save their souls, they loved me, he left, and my hat had twice as much as usual.

martin ewen 07-05-09 08:53 PM

You have to be careful, I can't remember how many times I've yelled, "She's a witch! Burn Her!" and they have.

Lagtime 07-06-09 05:40 PM

hat line lie
In Colorado Springs we have the birth place of "Focus on the Family" and New Life Church. We have talked about using the "God" thing to our advantage while performing, and came up with the solution that it was not worth it, because we need to be honest with ourselves, and it doesn't really matter if it would get us an extra few bucks.

Daniel Mooncalf 07-07-09 01:12 PM

I've come to that conclusion as well, Lag.

nanocircus 11-19-11 07:21 PM

If you want to make mega bucks you should say praise L. Ron! those scientology drones are rich as hell

Kate Awesome 07-24-12 10:26 AM

Well, you could always appease the mormons by treating your show like a network marketing scheme... they've got BIG money.

Peter 12-11-14 12:16 AM


Originally Posted by Patrick Kelly (Post 42637)
It won't help, because the religious (and the French) don't tip...

What's the difference between a Canadian & a canoe? Canoes tip.:laugh:

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