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Post An ethical question...

OK, here is a "hypothetical" ethical question:

Performer A tells performer B that they have a gig that needs a multi-act show. The client has shown interest in performer A, but performer A doesn't have the experience and promotional materials that B has, and cannot do the show alone as a solo. So A asks B to join in. B agrees, and the two submit combined promotional material and make arrangements. The client is pleased, and agrees on a budget of 10,000 penguins. A and B agree to split the work and split the penguins at 5,000 each. To avoid having to issue 1099s, A and B also agree to contact and deal with the client separately so that B is not subcontracted through A, and the client must submit two checks. All is good, and faxes and contracts are in the mail...

But then, something goes wrong. Enter performer C.

Performer C overhears a conversation about the gig, and expresses interest to Performer A about joining the ensemble. Performer A decides that C is the perfect act for the event. Performer A asks performer B to include C in the show, splitting the penguins three ways. Performer B refuses to give up penguins. Performer A then reminds performer B that they are dealing with the client independently and that each of them is free to negotiate what they will. Performer A submits a new bid for an AC show for 10,000 penguins. The client is pleased with the new bid, contacts performer B, and tells him to get lost.

Now, from my point of view, the client is behaving like a typical client. In spite of having written confirmation about contracting B, they backed out at the last minute. FOL. The fix is to get the client to sign the contract sooner...

But, I question whether or not A and C were behaving appropriately. What do you guys think?

Performer B

PS. If this doesn't translate with the abstract characters, and no one is able to decipher what is going on, I'll just delete the message and we will all go on with other more concrete topics! Thanks.
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