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Post Encouraging personal style

This relates to the "fair cuts $"
My two young partners need to develop themselves as performers, find out who they are and what their personal style is (I am also working on this).
A lot of people here in LA are quick to offer advice to performers whether they know what they're talking about or not, and it's very important to them that you hear them for some reason. I get a lot of, "look at what that other performer is doing, that's what you need to do". A couple people here have told me all about Chad Taylor and how I should do his tricks and his jokes and use his style. A lot of them tell me things that are true, and would be helpfull, but arn't any news to me. Most of this is b/c I'm young and my show sucks right now due to the fact that LA is completly different to what I'm used to.
Anyway, my point is that the hollywood philosophy of only trying to promote what is proven to sell to the mindless masses is rampant. There is value in following guidlines for structure, but there should also be encouragment to artistic endevor, whatever that means. It takes a lot of time to develope yourself as a performer and I wish I could explain that to people, but I especially want my two young partners to understand it.
So, I'm looking for ways to encourage real creativity.

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