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Thumbs down The South American busker problem

Beware of South American busker bands with big generator powered pa's
They are everywhere in Europe and they hog the pitch.
What can you do.....
1. Put sugar in their generator fuel tank.
This works well as long as you don't get caught
2. Beat them up
Not a good idea. There's too many of them
3. Play louder and turn up your amp if you have one
Doesn't work. No way you can be louder then ten indians beating on drums and blowing pan flutes
4. Try talking to them and make a deal to share the pitch
this some times works and is the most civilized method
5. If # 4 doesn't work go back to # 1. 2. or 3.
6. Last resort....bite the bullet and move
Dr. Harmonica [img]frown.gif[/img]
Some of the jugglers that I know like to wait until around dusk and then light up all their torches. This, they hope, will draw the attention of the crowd and steal the audiance away from the indians. That is all well and good if one has torches and enough fuel to burn down the pitch but of course music acts rarely carry such items around Better to try to negotiate. South Americans must be trained in pitch ethics. After all the street is for everyone and should be fairly shared. If, however, they still will not listen to reason then any dirty trick you can think of is fair game.

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