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Apple Article Ottawa Citizen - "Buskers Ungrateful"

Here's an article that popped into the Ottawa Citizen two days after the Busker Festival. It might make you reconsider your hat pitch.

"Buskers Ungrateful"
As a great fan of street performers, I recently took my two teenagers and my nine-year-old daughter to the Sparks Street Busker Festival. We raided the change jar, so each of the children had $1 for each performer and I took enough to give each busker $4. I was shocked when two buskers announced that they "did not want my change." They were looking for bills. My family was willing to give $7 to the performers and yet change was unacceptable. My nine-year-old had trouble understanding why she couldn't put her money in the hat when she had enjoyed the show. My child was taught a poor lesson about people that day.

Yet there were buskers who would take whatever we could afford - thank you. With great joy, my child ran up to them to throw the jingling coins into their hats. I hope it is their message that will stay with her.

In the future, all the performers should realize that change is money and whatever a family is able to give is better than nothing at all. We did enjoy the performances, but the attitude of some left a bad taste in everyone's mouth and in the end, the buskers' actions cost them some income.

Ann Noonan, Kars
Ottawa Citizen - Wednesday August 6th, section B2 - editorials.
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