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Default Cast of Thousands

With 2006/2007 I have made an effort to send out publicity and build some new contacts with agents, agencies and show producers. Cast of Thousands ( was on my list of potential agencies to contact based on absolutely RAVING reviews of their company by P.Net regular, Cybele Pomeroy. I have had four phone conversations with them over the past two months so far, two with each office (East coast and West coast).

Based simply on the treatment I received as a potential artist, and the incompetence of the people I spoke with, I would not recommend working with them. In fact, the treatment I received was SO bad, I even feel compelled to share my experience with everyone here!

The funny thing about the audition process is that it works two ways. I audition for them, but at the same time, they are auditioning for me. I suspect that there are folk here on P.Net who have booked gigs with them, and may have very different tales to tell, but based on some simple inquiries over the past two months, and submission of promotional material, Cast of Thousands did not pass my audition.

Steven Ragatz
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