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Default Client and Agent Emailed for Same Job

I had an agent contact me for a specific date and a relatively specific location. I answered his email with a price quote and he asked for my phone number for questions and more discussion.

Three days after his email (same day as giving him my phone number) another person contacted me through my website for the same date and very similar location - I think they are talking about the same event, and this person is the meeting planner.

My instinct is to tell the meeting planner, sorry, I've already been contacted about that date by a person who I think is your entertainment agent. But then again, he hasn't booked me yet or even asked me to save the date.

If I contract directly with the planner, she'll save money. But the other guy contacted me first. I suspect what's happening is that the planner is shopping around and contacting agents and entertainers directly, looking for the best option based on price or whatever else is important to her. I don't know if the agent knows the planner is shopping around.

I have no previous relationship with either party.

Advice on how to ethically handle this?


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