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Default Has lost it's Punch?

Gosh and wow, it's been informative and educational at lately with some fabulously balanced contributions on the legal, practical, theoretical and even etiquette issues of street performing but isn't it getting a little dull?

Let's put it this way, even the spammers in the Gigs section have given up on the porn, viagra et cetera and are now trying to sell us kitchen make-overs, bedroom furniture and real estate in Detroit.

I mean, really?!

Has Martin totally abandoned us for a site that pays mere money for his wit? Was just a passing fancy of Jester's as his broken leg healed and RSPCA considered cruelty to reptile charges?

Has Dr Eric gone straight and Rachel gone drawing?

Have we heard the last of Taxi's verse and the Ramblings of Rumple
As my lousy poetry gets worse and remaining brain cells crumple?

These and other questions raced through my brain as I deleted another spam for "medical needs". This one mostly revolved around various mechanical devices from Zimmer frames to serious and curious prostheses. Viagra seems to be a little postscript at the bottom.
Every-one should watch their drawers!
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