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Default Re: blush, flush red in the face

[i]P.S. Fuck Martin ... Fuck Taxi ... who needs 'em. [/b]

you're about to get the chance... he should be landing on your shores with his flippers and goggles right about now.

I thought the call for stilt walkers... "you must own and be able to bring your own stilts for the audition. The audition space has low ceiling. " was one of the funnier things I've read here in awhile, which is a sad state of affairs. Tumbleweeds have been seen blowing through the site of late.

Thanks for the courtesy to us not-so-youngs, Jim.

And just for you, Robert.

There lives an old man from San Fran
whose uncanny companion from Japan
combines sorrow and sighs
in her mistriddled eyes;
cause he goes to the can in a pan.
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