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Pnet has definately lost it's punch, but not in the "flame wars" sense. I'm sure the insults will fly again this winter when street performers are all out of work and huddle around their computers to vent their frustrations at a world that won't listen on each other.


The way everyone is using the internet is changing. Back when Pnet started people logged in to various forums to meet new people and make new friends. That's exactly what happened here. It was great, we all virtually met many many people who shared our interests and our world grew. I know mine did. It was great meeting people in person that I had originally met through this forum and others.

Now, people are using the internet to continue in the virtual world their relationships in the actual world. Instant messaging is what it is all about.

It's sad, but people are no longer turning to forums like pnet for communication with new, amazing people. Instead they are opting to IM their immediate circle of friends.

Has Pnet lost it's punch? Yes, but I still love this place.


p.s. Peter, merci pour faisant l'effort d'ecrire en francais.
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