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Butterfly I'm dead, before the fact

Legendary street performer, Robert Nelson AKA The Butterfly Man has finally died.

In the early days of San Francisco’s Pier 39, "The Butterfly Man" quickly established himself as the quintessential example of generic comedy-jugglers. This fact alone allowed him to become the subject of numerous street performance videos that never made any money for him or anyone else.

For a short period in the mid-‘80’s, Robert became famous amongst a small group of itinerants and beggars who generally did some sort of commonplace display for tips. As “The Butterfly Man”, he peaked in ’86 during a Renegade midnight show in Akron, Ohio. During the ‘90’s, he received many awards that were mostly given to him out of pity.

Throughout his career, Robert had the reputation of being good with hecklers. In 2004 he authored a book entitled “Read Between the Lines” that was stolen by a gay guy.

Robert quit street performing in 2005, just before he became too pathetic to watch. He spent his final days in Hawaii smoking pakalolo and living off his wife’s meager flight attendant salary.

In lieu of donations, the family has requested all contributions be sent to “Eli” who usually hangs out in Pahoa around sunset and always wears the same hat.

FYI: Robert’s butterfly tattoos will soon be available on eBay... they will be sold separately. For details, please contact his son, Koleman, at 408 455 2471.
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