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"God bless you" sounds like you're reacting just after somebody has sneezed...I don't think it belongs in ANY act or series of hat lines...because it's too bland.

I believe in God, as I understand Him/Her and I include a God statement at the end of my show: "Go with God and enjoy our day, this present".

It's not a hat line, nor is it an attempt to preach...just a saying I like, and one that has special meaning for me. It may increase my hats, but I doubt it...more likely it pisses of the non-spiritually minded, which is more than likely making up the majority of my crowd.

To be honest I'd drop it in a heart-beat if I thought it lessened my hats...I'm not out there to preach the good word of the Lawd, I'm out there to make money and enjoy my art.

I keep in it because I have a group's attention for a brief moment and I want to share a moment of peace before we all go our separate ways. Dunno if brining up God is a way to inspire peace...chew on that and break out into discussion groups now if you like

...but my line is a shy bit smaller than tossin' out the Loving Kindness Meditation...and doesn't reek of incense and shrooms (not that I'm against incense and shrooms )
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