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Default appropriate material?

I hope i'm posting this in the right section - It's not really a question of ethics.. Rather a question of what kind of material is appropriate working the festival gig....

Here's the deal .. I've been street performing for a few years now .. and now I want to start working festivals.... I've crashed a good number of fests but I've never been booked by one.

I have a family show.. However , I'm wondering how many festivals would find my material unappropriate .

2 things mainly: I do a cigarette manipulation act ending with the production of a giant cigar... Of course I tell the kids not to smoke or else they might grow up lookin like me!

and I also do rope through neck presented in a unique way.. I tell the audience if I don't find a previously selected card I would just hang myself.. During the trick I tell the kids not to try this at home of course..

(you can see my promo with this routine here

I'm really proud of what I'm doing because I've worked really hard at it but how many festivals do you think would find this unnapropriate?? Would I lose out on many gigs? Should I just write a new show for festivals?


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